Monday, September 25, 2017



Pastor Allan was speaking and from my notes I present his edited sermon.

God is moving and working in our lives.  An encounter with God should be usual in our lives.

Saul had an amazing encounter.  He was headed in the wrong direction to destroy God’s beloved children.  Then God took charge.  As Saul was riding his horse thinking he was doing a good thing; suddenly God struck him down, revealing a greater purpose to serving God.

Acts 9:4 And he fell to the earth, and heard a voice saying to him, Saul, Saul, why persecute you me?

The one seeking to destroy ended up spreading the New Truth about Jesus. 

He thought he was helping God and we often do the same.  We see someone and try to correct, and cause more harm than good.  We must use caution who we criticize even those in a different religion or something we do not agree with.

Here at Open Door Church, we welcome all.  We must be careful not to build walls.

Saul was struck blind for a season as Jesus revealed Himself in a personal encounter.

We must remain blind to what is going on around us, and be open to the Holy Spirit allowing him to fall and flow as He wills.  It requires us to be available for an encounter with God.  Not just a one time thing, but daily be in His presence.

The strength of that encounter changed Saul to Paul.

The Holy Spirit power will change you.  What you receive today from the sermon is not meant to last you all week.  You are to feed on God’s Word and seek Him daily at home.  He is ready to encounter you in your ‘secret place.’

Paul was learned in the Jewish culture and tradition and he knew the Old Testament scriptures.

Suddenly he was encountered, struck with a bright light, and he heard a voice: “Why are you persecuting me?”

Saul immediately knew who this was.   For three days he was physically blinded but his spiritual eyes were opened.  God ordained him to go to Damascus and discover what was assigned to him. 

Many times he was called up by the leaders and governors about what he was preaching. He had to tell them, that he had experienced an Encounter with God.

Acts 22:1, 9  Men, brethren, and fathers, hear ye my defense which I make now unto you. And those that were with me saw indeed the light and were afraid, but they did not hear the voice of him that spoke to me.

Maturity will show us many things.  We must ever be open to learn and to follow Christ.

God continues to amaze me as He delivers and sets people free.  He encounters individual persons.

Jesus encountered a woman at the well.  He asked her for water, and an amazing encounter occurred. The master mover of directions set the ground for revival in her country.

As we encounter God, Jesus enables us to be the church.  You are the church.

Do you want to see revival transform lives where you are?  Jesus said, you shall receive POWER after that the Holy Spirit is poured out on you.  On the day of Pentecost, there was a sound of a rushing wind, as tongues of fire appeared upon those present and they spoke in other languages.  That day they encountered a new dimension in God and received power to minister to the world.  Peter the fisherman, became Peter the preacher that day.

Each of us can be used of God in our personal world.  Seek His Face daily for your personal encounter with the Holy Spirit.



Betty Draper said...

Saul immediately knew who this was. I love this part of your pastor message...I have often thought of the years Paul spent talking down Jesus only to know His voice when He spoke directly to him. Paul must have been one of those men that only a super natural event would grab his heart. I have prayed that prayer for a few that were hard cases for you know it will take an event that shakes them to their core. Good reminders Hazel, thanks.

Betty Draper said...

PS, not sure why the "public" came up on my post and you could not comment, but thanks for letting me know that. I will try to sort it out.

Cheryl said...

I SO long for more of God...I just seem to hunger and thirst for Him more and more, as life becomes so heavy and hard to navigate. My dear Mom used to tell me that God is pleased most when we lean on Him the hardest. He must be so pleased with me lately, LOL! I don't know when I have leaned on Him harder in my life. The more we lean in to Him and draw near to Him, the more He will fill that hunger deep inside. Thank you for sharing this message.

Floyd Chaplin said...

This flesh is so miraculous that we rely on it when we shouldn't sometimes. It is God in us that allows us to really "see".

That story should be proof for anybody. A man bent on killing Christians becomes one to the death... and the blind miss it...