Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sharing Jesus with Tracts

Passing out the Good News
Jesus has always been real to me, especially when at the age of nine; I invited Him into my heart.  Sometime later I requested to be baptized in water.

At age twelve I received the Baptism of Fire and was filled with the Holy Ghost, and spoke in tongues.  Since then, I have used tongues as a prayer language when I intercede or when I praise Jesus.

Young people in the church need something to do so they can feel a part of the church.  Our Pastor was a believer in helping his members find a place to work for the Lord.

Besides the assignment of the Primary Sunday school class, our Pastor took me aside and showed me the tract box at the entrance of the church.  He told me to notice that it is partially empty and the tracts are not neatly arranged.

He was holding a small cardboard box with a supply of tracks as he spoke and said, “I am putting you in charge to keep the tract box tidily filled, but first there is something you must do.”

He continued, “I want you to read each and every tract in this box, so you are familiar with all the good ones.  If you discover someone has slipped in a pamphlet that is not according to the Bible, you may remove it.”

Reading was something I loved to do, so pouring over all those tracts was a pleasure not a burden.  Many of my questions were answered by reading and digesting those mini sermons.

Passing out tracts is not a popular thing to do and those who leave a tract without a tip at the restaurant are not leaving a good example of a Christian.

A tract can be given to a homeless person, but be sure to include at least a couple dollars along with it. 
Slip a tract in the envelope when you pay bills or when you write a letter to someone.

Perhaps your church does not have a tract box, because  to many it is an old fashioned method of distributing the Gospel.  Because of the Inter-Net, many share their faith on Face Book and Twitter, or even by writing a blog.

Whatever method you use to share the Gospel, let Christ Jesus be made known. 
What so ever you do in word or in deed, let it be done as through you were ministering to Jesus.



  1. I like your idea to include money when you give a tract to a homeless person; they would appreciate that and know that Jesus motivated you.

  2. I used to love those tracts and was just thinking about them the other day! Funny, I still remember many of them in detail. Goes to show that they truly are effective.


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