Saturday, April 26, 2014

I Had a Dream

I Had a Dream
Seldom do I dream and remember what it was! 
This was a vivid revelation and I saw myself sitting in my church.  At least it seemed like my church, but the service was out of the ordinary and the building was full of people.

Across the aisle sat a middle aged man dressed in a dark suit and he began to speak loudly in another language and followed that with an interpretation, that said, God was in this place and for the people to lift up their voices and audibly praise the Lord.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are not being used in my church and the Message in Tongues and the Prophesy was simply not welcomed here.

However the people began to praise God softly at first because this was not something they usually did at my church.

Soon the service was over, and as I moved around, there were many people there whom I recognized as acquaintances and workers from my past.

I wondered what it all meant.

I understand that many dreams do not mean a thing, but this one was very unusual and caused me to wonder . . .  Does it mean anything to me?

Sleep Dream by: Jan Fairless

Sweet quiescence bind these thoughts within
and hold them for safekeeping.
Let slumber ease the whirlwind storm
which keeps my mind from sleeping.

Ease me into a tranquil place;
an end to wakeful confusion.
Where within my dreams my mind shows films
of every wondrous illusion.

Let slumber gently slow me down.
My mind the peaceful vortex seeks.
A blissful place of sweet repose
in dreams which God safe keeps.

Copyright ©2008 Jan Fairless




  1. Ah, a dream containing some mystery.

  2. Since you remember it, it has to mean something, I feel certain of that. The fact that you look and seek our Father in everything and all aspects of your life is a witness to your faithfulness and heart. Bless you, sister. And thanks for the example you provide for the rest of us...

  3. Maybe! Everything happens for a reason:)

  4. Lovely post, Hazel! I believe (and it sounds like your church does too) that the gift of tongues was a sign gift intended for the early church, and that it is no longer active. That being said, I think some churches shy away from acknowledging the Holy Spirit, Who would want us to praise the Lord with every fiber of our being.
    God bless,

  5. What a powerful Prophetic Vision you've been gifted, Hazel. People turning to the Holy Spirit and celebrating The Gifts is the very essence of the Acts Church, as you know. God IS in His Place. Every knee WILL bow. The Holy Spirit is alive, well active and working today performing miracles, healings and here for every Believer. Exciting times; exciting Dream. Thank you for sharing a bit of your Story.


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