Friday, April 4, 2014

Computer Surgery Failed and Patient Died

What a Mess !!
The past 4 or 5 days we have been stressed as we both
(Robert and I) tried to fix my computer.
The bottom line is I lost all my e-mail addresses and old messages and my word documents, plus stored pictures etc.
Although I wasn't reduced to tears, I was not happy.
So here I am trying to make the best of a new situation - a blank screen and hopefully some work around fixes.
Robert gave me a different computer and I am having to learn how the programs work with what I want to do. 
Anyway, I am thankful that I am back on line and God is good.
I hope to have my "Tell Me a Story" up and running by 5:00 PM on Monday.
"Here is my Rant about Windows 8."
After a virus attacked my computer and Robert gave me a different computer to use - - then I had more trouble as I discovered the different computer had Windows 8 installed.  Although I could write and do some things with the program (eight) it refused to allow me to move around in my necessary programs to do my blog posting.  It also would not allow me to send messages within my programs.  Other things were being blocked without help to fix. 
So Robert again came to the rescue.  He took my old computer and saved what he could and then wiped it clean and reinstalled Windows 7 for me.  Now Windows 7 is working fine so I am  regrouping and trying to get things back to normal. 


  1. I'm so impressed how you manage disappointment. Your wisdom speaks boldly in times of measure.

  2. Hazel I'm so sorry. Machines can be so frustrating. I pray the bugs will be worked out soon and you will be back in cyberland as usual.

  3. That is the problem with computers. Reminds me to copy my newest pictures in my extern hard disc. Hope everything in your computer will get repaired soon.


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