Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Easter Story with Visual Aids

As a young girl of 12 years old, my Pastor decided I needed to be given a job, so I was assigned to teach a Sunday school class of Primary children.

The teacher’s quarterly told the story, gave the Bible verses to study, a memory verse for the children to learn that day and flannel figures to place on a board to illustrate the lesson. 

Copies of hand work were made for the children to color and take home along with a picture card of the lesson.

As Easter approached, I was asked by the Sunday School Superintendent to tell the Easter Story using the Flannel figures as a finale to the children’s program.

I knew the story well and also was able to project my voice so all could hear.  It was Resurrection day, so the cross was behind us and the tomb was there with a large stone sealed and covering the entrance, with the body of Jesus inside.

I proceeded to tell the event of the women weeping and arriving at the tomb to find the stone rolled away and an angel sitting there announcing “He is not here, for He has risen as He said, Go and tell the others the good news.” 
 * * *
A group of young boys visiting from the Bible School sat three rows from the front - - and during my story they began to whisper to each other and smile with a silly quirky laugh.

Their rudeness completely threw me off guard and I rushed to quickly finish my story.

I wonder if those boys grew up to become preachers and ministers and experienced smiles and laughs about their preaching. 

I had allowed those young men to get to me and there are times even today that a remark or an inference can rattle my cage.  Then I realize ‘who’ is behind this and understand it is an attack.

When God gives us an assignment, it is time to let the unkind words and gestures roll over our shoulder and off our back.  It seems there is always some one to throw wet blankets on what we endeavor to do for our Lord.

Jesus often received the brunt of criticism by those he taught and walked with.  Misunderstanding was open and fresh among his disciples.  His very words were often twisted to mean something else.

So what to do?  When you receive an assignment, simply do the best you can and allow the chips to fall where they may. 
Realize that most are not being critical - - and they are receiving the good ministry you are planting and the seeds you sow will grow and bring forth good fruit.



  1. I had no clue the story would end up teaching such a valuable lesson. A great post!!

  2. That's usually the way we learn, isn't it? The wisdom you gained at an early age you've been able to use ever since. Looking back, I regret talking during class at school. Kids don't realize how rude it is... You've been telling the greatest love story ever told your whole life! The Resurrection of our Savior!!!


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