Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Breaking and Entry

Seemed like when our cousins came to visit we could always find a pile of trouble to get into. 

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and us kids had enjoyed a nice dinner prepared by my mother, and now we were bored.

“Let’s go down to the school ground to play,” someone suggested.  Because it was Sunday, the grounds were deserted and, there was no equipment for us to use.

“What is that board doing over that door?” asked my girl cousin.  “Let’s take a closer look.”

We gently pushed on the board and my sister’s small arm fit nicely through the opening we made and by reaching in she was able to open the door and we all entered.

We were laughing and I must have been the leader, as we took our cousins on the grand tour of the school, and showed them the rooms that were ours. 

“Hey there is candy in the teacher’s desk,” said my girl cousin, as she helped herself.

Let’s write on the blackboard someone suggested.

“No, not you let me do it,” I volunteered.  This was my room, and I decided to write a silly poem on the board, about my teacher.

Monday came, and when we all filed into the room, the poem was still on the blackboard.

My teacher was watching the expressions on the faces of each child as we entered.  She also knew that I wrote poems - - so her eyes were on me.

Some one from the office came in to take charge and my teacher asked me to come with her to the principal’s office.  My brother and sister were also called to the office.

There the confession came out and a phone call was made to my mother and then to my Aunt.  Aunt agreed to pay for the candy that had been confiscated from a pupil last week, and we were all embarrassed at our Mother coming to school. 

I had dishonored my school, my teacher, and my mother and although we had not done any destruction, we had committed an unlawful deed to enter the empty building.

Fortunately the story was kept quiet by those present in the office, and a few days later the board was taken down from the door, and the glass and bars were replaced.

Needless to say, that was our last breaking and entering escapade.

I am sure we were punished, but the thing that hurt most was my Mother reminding me that “Be sure your sin will find you out.”



  1. Good that we can be forgiven when we do something wrong. You were just a child:)
    Lesson learned...

    1. Thanks Joy, Your words are the words of Jesus to those who have been abused as a child, and they thought they were at fault for allowing it to happen to them! Honestly says Jesus, "it was NOT your fault because You were just a child."

  2. A great story, Hazel. The good ole days, eh? When we kids were accountable.

  3. What a great story! That's the kind of story and lesson that sticks with us for life! There is no better way to learn... unfortunately for people like us!

  4. Whew, than goodness for God's grace! And you are so right-- we can't hide our sins. Thanks a ton for sharing this over at #EverydayJesus. Blessings!


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