Thursday, May 1, 2014

Watch That First Step Cause it is a Dilly

I should have seen that hose looped there in the entrance ! 
“After you feed the dogs, please give the garden a watering,” said my husband as I went out the door.

The 12 tomato plants from Home Depot were doing well, and the squash was just starting to peek out
Tomato plants looking good
from their silent row.
See the tiny squash plants coming through
The chard needed to be sprinkled and I was ready with the hose and attachment to spray the lot.

I suppose I was not paying attention to the long hose that was looped across the garden opening, and I did not step high, because I slid right into the loop catching my foot and falling forward flat on my face.

Our two dogs were no help and Robert was busy elsewhere, so I lay there for a moment until I could decide if I was all in one piece.  Rolling over, I gingerly pushed my way to a standing position and realized my eye was full of dirt.  Anyway, since I was there, I gave the garden its duly watering and then brushed myself off and went inside.

One look at me and Robert knew I was in trouble.  I excused myself and went to wash my face and change my clothes and administer some eye drops.  Robert gave an ice pack and told me to be sure to put some Aloe Vera on my skinned face which I did.
(NOT me but close) Courtesy Photobucket

Then Robert gave me something to drink and I laughed and told him they will probably ask me questions at church on Sunday, and I will tell them, “You should see the other guy.”



  1. How I love your attitude and humor even in a time of suffering... My stomach was in knots as I was reading! I hope your alright! It happens in a flash. You're my role model, Hazel. I want to be more like you, sister.

  2. Ouch. I am glad you are okay, but you do look like you've been in a battle. When I was pregnant with my first son, my husband had a boat. I went to step on the boat, missed, hit the dock and the water. Fortunately I came up between boat and dock and was able to be pulled out of the water. I broke the slowest healing bone in the whole body - a wrist bone. I was in a cast for six months (the last six months of my pregnancy) - came out of the cast one day before my son was born (of course C-section so I had to use weak hand to push up when I stood. My husband was so sweet. He would travel on the bus with me to work and also meet me after work and accompany me home. People would look at my cast (huge white L-shaped), my stomach, and then they would glare at him. He did nothing, but they assumed. That was true love. I pray that your bruises rapidly heal and that in the future you do watch that step.

  3. Ouch! I hope you're feeling better by now. :)


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