Sunday, May 18, 2014

Our Spiritual Home

Explaining the Scriptures

Pastor Jerry was ministering Sunday from I Peter 2:2-10.  I gleaned from his sermon.

I Peter 2:4-5 As you come to him, the living Stone—rejected by humans but chosen by God and precious to him— you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

When Jesus rose from the dead, the disciples at first were trembling and fearful but they were comforted as He taught them and after they viewed Him going up in a Cloud to heaven and the angels proclaiming He shall return.
In a few days the Holy Spirit poured over them added courage and an unction to go forth and share the good news.

There were the Jews, Gentiles and now a third group of people, belonging to “The Way.

They were viewed as backward people without education and no social standing.  It was not until later the early believers were called Christians at Antioch. 

The Romans saw these “new people” as a threat because they refused to worship the Emperor, and the Jews branded them as heretics.

There were many terms to describe this new “race.”  Peter declared that they were “Living stones and a Holy priesthood, bound together with a common cause by the Resurrection of Jesus and shortly followed by their baptism of the Holy Spirit with tongues of fire.

At one time they were like all men, “Sinners,” but now they had received Salvation.  They were cleansed, free from sin, and also free from despair, and were now accepted by God and their new community of Christian Brothers and sisters.

Not perfect, but learning, striving and maturing in their faith; they were like family as they loved and cared for one another.

How did they grow?  Yes they went forth to reproduce by their traveling and teaching.  They scattered the seeds of Truth and while some sowed, others watered and God gave the increase.

Paul teaching
From place to place, Paul and Barnabas taught from the Holy Scriptures explaining fully the meaning of Jesus life, and his death and resurrection.

This was serious stuff, and for some it meant a break with their families and friends. 

In many ways Christians were and still are strangers and aliens in this present world and we await our eternal home.

Pastor ended his sermon by saying, “The power of the Resurrection is still true and powerful today.  Believe it - - I’ve see it too many times not to believe it.”

Living Stones by mike bullock   
Church is made of people
A thriving rockery
We're living stones brought in by God
To set The Spirit free
From all religious claptrap
All things bound by the past
A wind that's blowing through the place
Revival counterblast.
The devil doesn't like this
he loves the church to die
The ageing flock cut off from life
Will perish, bye and bye
But where we are he's had it
Unwelcome little toad
We claim the place in Jesus name
Send Satan down the road. -


  1. Proof of God's sovereignty is that His followers stood in the face of death and couldn't deny the Truth that lived within them, even if it cost them their physical lives here. May God lift His church up and use them again in revival of this nation.

  2. "offering spiritual sacrifices"...sadly I think many in the church today don't understand those words. Serving God is a sacrifice (but a joyous one as we draw closer and closer to His heart). It should cost us something. If we are living for Him there should be a notable difference in our daily lives compared to those who do not profess Him as Savior. Not all of use are called to be ministers or missionaries, but we are all called to be Salt and Light. Are we flavor in this world, are we light?
    That's something all Christians should ask themselves.
    Great post.


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