Friday, May 16, 2014

Are Movies Sinful? 2

The church I attended as a child taught us that attending the movies was a sin. 

I asked why?  And my mother told me that many of those who watched the movies wanted to dress and act just like the movie stars.  The stars were their idols.

Many of the stars were (and are) sinful in their personal lives, let alone what they portrayed on the screen.  They smoked, drank beer and liquor, painted their faces, and ran after other lovers instead of being faithful to their spouses, all of which we frowned upon! 

I saw my first movie at about ten years old when my girl friend treated me to the show. Bambi was playing, and there also was a news reel and a second feature.  Bambi was sad, and I never went back. 

Today movies come right in our homes through the TV, and we need to be selective as to what we watch. 

Thankfully there are many good programs for children on TV that are educational and informative.  Children seem to realize that cartoons are not real, and we once forbid our children to watch the “Three Stooges,” because the real stooges would hit one another and our children began to do likewise.

Over time, there have been many changes in this world, and some things that once were called sin, are now accepted as okay.  Other life styles once considered sinful are now termed politically correct.  Many movies and TV series portray sniffing
cocaine, doing drugs, adultery, fornication, and same sex affairs as acceptable ??  

Some wonder if God may eventually need to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

To be perfectly honest my husband and I enjoy a good plot of a story, and many of the TV series are fun to watch.  We also like detective stories, and the old classic movies and the Western stories seem to be a good watch.  My husband loves to watch cooking shows and the auto races plus the ball games.

The language in many modern movies has become so terrible that my husband purchased a TV Guardian that blanks out the cursing and other offensive words. 

As I think about it, I wonder if God has a video player that views us as we go about our daily tasks. 
I do hope his DVD about us is at lest G rated.  I believe the G stands for God rated! 



  1. God-rated -- I like that! I, too, was raised without the movies. My daughter has a good solution. When they watch a movie they have a time after it to discuss unChristlike actions portrayed as well as those who do the right thing. I was surprised when my grandson was reading a "Surprising things about animals" book at my house and brought it to me. "Mawmaw, this book has evolution in it."

    1. Excellent for your daughter to take time to do this and it is showing up in your grandson!

  2. I haven't went to the show in four or five years and can hardly stand TV in general. I watch sports and select movies, my wife the cooking shows. The enemy is truly everywhere...


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