Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Teaching with Visual aids

A Diorama Showing a Favorite Bible Story

My blogger friend Floyd recently wrote a post entitled: Castles Bird Houses and Memories that reminded me of some of my childhood crafts.

I can remember making paper Mache maps at school, showing trails of the explorers and Indian villages along the way.  We also did puppet shows for extra credit.

When I began to teach Sunday school there were at times the quarterly gave instructions on how to make a diorama showing a scene from the Bible. 

As I searched the inter-net for a simple picture of a diorama, I found samples that showed a box on its side and a full view of the setting.

Three Hebrew Children were Thrown into the Fire because they Would Not Bow
Whoa - Who is that Fourth Man???  - It Was The Son of God and they were NOT burnt !
The visual aids my teacher’s quarterly described for this occasion was a peep box using a cardboard shoe box.  I glued the figures on a piece of cardboard and then placed it into the box and set the lid on top.  On the narrow side of the box, I cut a peek hole large enough for the students to peer inside and view the story that was being taught.  

When the lesson was over, I could remove the cardboard with the figures attached, and the box could be used again for the next time it was needed.

There have been so many changes that today the children need a video that helps tell the story.

One thing that we must not do is get so carried away with the video that the Bible story seems more like a make believe fairy tale.  Our children must learn the reality of Jesus and the truth of the Bible.

As adults we enjoy Christian study books, but we must not cast aside the Scriptures themselves but search to see if these things be so. 

When it comes to Christian movies, I do hope most realize they are for entertainment and some movies get carried away with a bit of fiction here and there.  
Just be sure to read the Bible to get the “Real Story.”


  1. Excellent point, Hazel. Nothing replaces the Word of our Father. But all we do and who we are should be pointing to Him like you, sister. I'm grateful to be a part of your world.

  2. Yes Hazel! God's word is the source of wisdom to all.
    nice story. One can see the difference how it was and now:)


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