Friday, May 23, 2014

Sniffles and a Sore Throat

An Uncommon Cold
“I haven’t done it in years, and I don’t want to do it now.”  Those thoughts went through my mind as my aching head, clogged up nose and sore throat called me for some help.

Growing up with frugal parents I was taught to use natural methods when ever possible.  Yes our bathroom medicine cabinet contained some band aids, Methyolade  (I think they quit making the stuff because it contains mercury,” a bottle of Alcohol, some ST37 (a popular disinfectant in those days,) and a bottle of what Mom called “healing oil.”  It smelled something like tea tree oil, and could have been that. There may have been a bottle of aspirin too.

When it came winter time, I always was plagued with a cold and not just any simple common cold, but a snotty unbelievable congestion of a cold that traveled from the top of my head down through the nose and fired my throat and lungs.

Warm Salt Water to gargle
and to sniff !!
Mom’s remedy was as simple as you can get and I can remember her warming a glass of water and stirring a tablespoon full of table salt into the water.

"Here gargle some of the salt water first, then hold out your hand over the sink and pour some salt water into your hand and sniff it up your nose." 

A big handkerchief was ready because after that sniff, Mom commanded, “Now you may blow your nose real good.  Keep doing that until you feel better.”

This always worked and although I haven’t done it in years, I think it is something worthy of re-consideration.

If you do not have good tap water, for safety sake, boil the water first and allow it to cool, and then proceed to add the salt and continue.

Now a-days you can purchase for around ten dollars a Nedi-Pot, but honestly why spend your money on something that must be cleaned and stored away when you can do it yourself for pennies and a bit of salt water.



  1. I'm prone to sore throats too, Hazel. Have been all my life. I rinse my sinuses daily with salt water. That and the ACV has changed my life. Good common sense never goes out of style.

  2. Jerri Tuck wrote: "I still use that remedy Hazel. Always works."

  3. I love this, Hazel. I remember Mom used to have us do things like this, too. Those old ways are definitely the best ways. Thank you for sharing!

  4. My sons had a lot of ear and sinus problems. Their ear doctor recommended saline spray, appropriately titled, "Ocean Spray." Worked like a charm!

    I certainly hope you're feeling better. If not, maybe a humidifier and some Vick's??? We used that in our house, too. Oh, and you've reminded me of a remedy for a cough that my grandmother used - a teaspoon of butter coated in sugar. Not sure why it worked, maybe the sugar high was a distraction?! :-)



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