Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A Culture of Prayer Will Change our Culture

From my notes I present an Edited Sermon by Pastor Allan

A Culture of Prayer Will Change our Culture

Your miracle is here this morning as the Holy Spirit has been teaching us all during the service, as we praised, prayed and shared a word.

Our testimony is one of joy in the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit as He is teaching us.  I am so excited what God is doing in this place; as we reflect on the goodness of God this past year. 

Ever since we have been here we have asked God for revival in our city.  We as a church will no longer be programmed, but led by the Holy Spirit in our church and in our lives.

Different churches and pastors have their agenda which is okay for them, but we choose to be different and allow the Holy Spirit to lead.

It is time to be hungry and come expecting God to meet your need regardless of what it is.  Our model may be different but the Holy Spirit is diverse in operation.

Our desire is to have 24 hour prayer on Wednesday and other times as we are led. 
We have shared about the Holy Spirit and our desire for Him to be activated in all of the body.  The book of Acts is for the church today and God desires to do wonderful things.

I am reminded of a crazy man in the park who would break chains, but Jesus came and restored his mind.  

You have the power to release and deliver others through you.  When you see distressed people, see them as God sees them.  The Holy Spirit is seeking you to go out and demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit.  God is speaking to you to step up. 

Do you want to change the culture of our city?  We must first change the culture of our congregation.  Our culture must be one of prayer.  The general body of Christ has fallen flat on this issue, but we must learn how to pray correctly over our city.  Our hearts must be stirred to desire the lost souls to come into the Kingdom of God.  

Earnest prayer meetings have brought down the glory.  

As you pray, prophesy the heart of God’s will over our city.  God is not willing that any should perish, but that all would receive the savior.  Prophesy that hard hearts will become tender and minds will be receptive to receive the Good News that Jesus loves them and will bring freedom.

First we must humble our selves and repent confessing our own sins, and God will hear and answer.  God is calling - - - are you listening?

Jesus stands in authority and has given us that authority and anointing to do His works.
If you don’t know how to pray, just open your mouth and allow God to give you words.  Sometimes the Holy Spirit will just groan without words, as you contend for souls.

Consecrate yourself to become a vessel to pray God’s will. 

Jesus called his disciples and came to a mountain to pray.  Often Jesus prayed all night alone to His Father.  Jesus is our example.

We pray in faith believing, and we may not see the answer right away, but it is important not to give up.  Know that God has heard you and he is working on your request.

Paul urged us to pray always; and the Bible mentions several ways to pray.

1.     The prayer of agreement as two or more pray and agree.
2.     The prayer of Faith, according to God’s will.  Mark 11:24  when you pray, believe that ye receive, and ye shall have - -.
3.     The prayer of consecration and dedication - - to commit to God’s will.
4.     The prayer of praise and worship - - brings down the power of God.
5.     The prayer of intercession - - for some one else.
6.     The prayer of binding and loosening;  bind attitudes not pleasing to God and loose attitudes that are pleasing to God.  Bind the evil spirits and loose holiness and righteousness. 

You have the power to do this.  It begins with a culture and life style of prayer.  We need to embrace a life of prayer.  Spend time with God if you intend to change your world.  God requires a willing heart and mind.

If you seriously desire to see changes in your household and in your city, you must pray these type of prayer.  Agree with one another for revival for our city.

I challenge you to give one hour in prayer daily. 

You will begin to experience the fullness of God.


Karen said...

Thank you for sharing the notes. Good instruction and reminder to pray with out ceasing. God bless you today.

Floyd Chaplin said...

Amen, Hazel. "Pray without ceasing." That's our calling, our command. And when our hearts align with His will there is nothing in His creation that He can't change.

I too am praying for a revival.