Sunday, November 19, 2017

Desire Spiritual Gifts, but Rather to Prophesy

Presenting an Edited sermon at our church Sunday Morning
Pastor Allan was speaking:
“Our service this morning has been unusual and some of you may be processing what is going on.  Included in our worship, we have enjoyed exhortation, prophesy, and a testimony from the body.
I have been praying for skilled workers that are ready to step in and work in our church.  I believe God will do the same thing with Children’s workers to encourage our children to operate in the Holy Spirit in their own element.  We desire to raise our children to become spiritual soldiers.  Agree with me for Children’s workers.
Also I am praying for ministry gifts to be abundant and flow through our congregation to heal, deliver and set the captives free.  As we are in one accord our church and our city will be all to the glory of God.
Thank you for being here today.  It is important that God be in control as it is His show and not mine.  Be alert for God to use you and be obedient for what He asks. 
We will continue speaking about the gifts of the Holy Spirit from 1 Corinthians 14.
Paul is saying all the gifts operating in Love are important, but especially to prophesy.
I Corinthians 14: 1. Follow after love; yet desire earnestly spiritual gifts, but rather that ye may prophesy.
In the church service, if one gives a tongue utterance without the interpretation it does not edify.  Paul does say that praying in tongues will build up the believer and equip them to be ready to prophesy or minister in the other gifts.  Paul wishes that all did speak with tongues, but in a meeting that they rather prophesy.
14:2-5 For he who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God, for no one understands him; however, in the spirit he speaks mysteries. But he who prophesies speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men. He who speaks in a tongue edifies himself, but he who prophesies edifies the church. I wish you all spoke with tongues, but even more that you prophesied;
For those who attempt to minister in prophesy without first being built up will be as the clanging cymbal.
As you pray in tongues privately or during worship, you will be able to build up yourself before you prophesy. You can’t pray in tongues too much, but remember when you desire to edify others especially in a church setting, it is best done with prophesy. 

Jude challenges us to build up yourself praying in the Holy Spirit.  Jude was not speaking of the gift of tongues in a meeting, but rather personal prayer using your prayer language.  This is how you become empowered in the Holy Spirit.
When you begin to minister, you will need to use your normal language.  Paul was not downplaying tongues, but was showing his preference because prophesies will encourage and edify others.
We have the answer for a change in lives as we speak in love and challenge others to follow Christ Jesus.
When Jesus cursed the fig tree, it was a teaching example of the power of words and speaking with boldness.
Ezekiel 37:1 The prophet’s vision reveals a valley of dry bones.  At times that is us, but the Holy Spirit is able to bring LIFE as we prophesy.  God declared  to the prophet: “These bones shall live and know that I AM the Lord.  I am God and I have spoken and I will do it.”
As prophesy goes forth, life will come to the dry bones.
Prophesy of God’s goodness, His kindness and mercy and willingness to forgive and restore.  Prophesy and speak LIFE into people. 
We might consider our city as a valley of dry bones; Many of our citizens have no life (no spiritual life.) No hope and they are attempting on their own to fill up the void and bring forth life – but it is not working.  It is time to prophesy over our city, over our church, over our families and our neighborhoods - - for life to come where there is none.  No longer shall death reign.
Some churches you walk in and the people are miserable.  They need the life giving power of the Holy Spirit. 
Of ourselves we can’t do anything, we must first build yourself up by praying in tongues in the Spirit, then we will be ready to prophesy.  Not because we have to but because we get to.
I understand what the Doctor says, and what society says, but I am here to declare that the Holy Spirit can bring lasting change, healing and deliverance.
Be careful when you prophesy, to first built yourself up.  To be built up in the Holy Ghost is more important than some believe, otherwise your words will fall flat and deflate instead of bring life.
So what is in the ‘know how” to prevent burn out and discouragement?  First build up yourself by praying in the Holy Spirit before you go out to minister.
Yes, desire spiritual gifts to be used in love and bring life, and especially to prophesy.

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Karen said...

Thank you for reminding us of these wise words. I am very thankful that the Holy Spirit enables us to pray in unison with God's will.