Saturday, November 4, 2017

Shocking ER Charges $76,826.64

Shocking ER Charges for a dying Husband:  $76,826.64

Robert and I both had filed a form to DO NOT Resuscitate in case of pending death and a copy was with Kaiser.  My thoughts were elsewhere on that early morning of April 14, 2017.

Knowing NOW what I should have done then - -  I should have given the 911 team a copy of our DNR,   (Reader please take note.)

However my husband was dying and I found him on the floor, head bleeding and I called 911 not really thinking about any forms DNR.  IF only I had the form ready, to give to the 911 team - - it would have prevented this large ER charge.)  So he was carried away with the 911 team without the form.

Of course ER at Enloe Hospital they hooked him up immediately to an IV, took ex-rays of his head, put something down his throat, so he could breathe and who knows what else they did to rack up a bill of $76,826.64 in less than one hour.   Yes he did lay dead on their table another couple of hours as we waited for the mortuary to come take him away.

Of course I was appreciative of the concern of the Doctor and nurses and after a few weeks when I received small bills, I figured they were like co-pay and not covered by our Kaiser Health Insurance so I paid Enloe about $600. in various small charges they kept mailing to me.

It has been 6 months since my Robert passed away, and yesterday I was shocked to receive a bill for $4823.25 which they say is my part of the $76,826.64 after my payments and Insurance covering $71,928.39 of the “CARE” given to my dying Husband.

I phoned Enloe and left a message requesting that they cancel this bill because there is no estate for my husband.

Before Enloe called me back I received a phone call from “Ascension Point” demanding payment for Robert’s outstanding bill.  The conversation was recorded.  I told the woman, my husband has no estate and I am not responsible for his bill, and I am requesting Enloe Hospital to void the balance.  I told the woman from Ascension Point that two days ago I received a letter from Ascension Point telling me I am not responsible for my husband’s debt, because he has no estate.  She hesitated, but ended the call.  .  I discovered that Ascension Point is a “Collection Agency;” after me even before I got the huge bill.

I called Enloe and spoke to Kimberly.  She informed me that Kaiser returned the request for payment and that Enloe needed my help with Medicare.  She gave me a phone number to call: “Medicare benefits recovery center:” Dial 1-800-999-1118 press 2 then 1 (which didn’t work – so I pressed 3)  then 0 and spoke to a nice man, Jared Stremel who requested I send him Robert’s death certificate and SS number to PO Box 138832 Oklahoma City, OK 73113.  Jared said it will take 2 or 3 weeks.  I told him I had been requested to call Enloe back and relay what he had told me.  Not a problem. 

I called Enloe and left a message with all the information from Jared. 

Kimberly called me back and said they will bill Medicare and not to worry about the bill I received from them.   

This may not be over !!!


Saleslady371 said...

Sorry for this shock and confusion. I am praying it will clear up soon.

Karen said...

That is an eye-opener! Thank you for sharing this information. I hope you will be sharing some highlights of your trip soon, when you get all this cleared up. God bless you.

Betty Draper said...

What a journey Hazel...