Friday, February 22, 2013

Fasting and Prayer Repost

This is a repost of a Chapter from my "Rescue the Stories, Book One."

Drink Plenty of Water

 Mother’s place at the breakfast table was missing!  “Aren’t you eating breakfast today?” I asked anxiously. 

She hesitated and replied softly, “Not today.” 

I put my clean dishes back in the cupboard, and said, “Then I am not eating breakfast either!”

On Sunday our Pastor has called a week of solemn assembly and had asked the members to volunteer to fast a day, several days, several meals or one meal. 

He told all who would participate to be sure they had their Doctors approval and to decide the type of fast each person would employ. 
He stated that there is a total fast, with water only, and there was also a fast with juice for those who wanted to fast but could not do a total fast. 

Our reason to fast should be a time to reflect on the Lord and to pray and seek Him.  The Pastor asked us to also pray for revival for our Nation and for ourselves during our fast.

As a fourteen year old girl, I did not think the fast would apply to me, but now I began to view it in a different light.  Mother was my example and I knew I could do anything that she could do. 

“Are you going to eat lunch?” I quizzed her.  She gently replied, “Not today.”  “Well then don’t make me a lunch today either!” I emphatically told her. 

Mother knew I was stubborn, but she also knew I had a very good appetite.  As I prepared to leave for school, she reminded me of some guidelines that the Pastor had taught the day before.  “She urged me to drink lots of water between classes by stopping regularly at the drinking fountains.”

As the lunch hour approached I told myself, “So far so good.”  My girl friend always met me in the cafeteria for lunch, and naturally she noticed I was not eating today.  “Where is your lunch Kitty,” she asked.  Nothing could be hid from her so I quietly shared with her  that I was fasting lunch today. 
“NO WAY,” was her answer.  She excitedly told me that I would make myself sick, that I might faint and this was not a good thing to do. 
I smiled at her, and said, “Our Pastor told us that missing a couple meals would not harm us physically and that a short fast was actually an excellent thing to do for one’s health.  
My friend was not convinced but she held her peace.

That afternoon when I arrived home from school, I asked my mother if she was eating dinner and she quickly replied, “Yes, today.”  “Ok then, me too,” I told her in response.

The following morning as I met my friend and we walked to school together, she gave me her report.  “I told my mother what you did and what you said, and do you want to hear what she told me.”   “Yes,” I replied, “I am all ears.”

My friend was ready to relay her message.  “My mother told me that you were correct - - and that the next time you do a fast - - - I must also do one!!   What a shock to hear, but I was also very pleased.

Since that day, I have fasted several times, and it is always a good plan to have guide lines.  Be sure to drink water and fast to pray and to think on the Lord.

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Cindy said...

Lovely post and so encouraging. Coming from Faith Filled Friday as I linked up right behind you!

joy said...

What a great testimony:)
I I done it aldo before, but not lately. Your post is a reminder:)

Floyd said...

I remember the story from the book... but am reminded of what I might be lacking... again. Thanks, Hazel. And I don't mean a sarcastic way whatsoever.