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Healing Room Experience

The auditorium to pray and meditate after visiting the Healing Room
Three artists are painting in the center of the circle

Healing Room Experience

Arriving at the Bethel Church, Redding, California at 8:00 am, my daughter Judie and I were given a registration form requesting information, and to itemize what was it we wanted Jesus to do for us today.

Soon a lady asked a group of us to follow her down a hallway and take seats along the wall.  She encouraged us to understand that it is God’s will that we be well and in health.  She was led by the Holy Spirit to ask of anyone had back problems, to raise their hands.  Several hands went up and she invited Jesus to come and minister to them and to us today. She prayed over a few and soon she asked our group to follow her to several small class rooms. 

A minister stood at the front of the class room and gave us scriptures about Jesus teaching, preaching and healing the sick.  She reminded us that Jesus is present with us today and He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

After the short teaching on Scriptural healing, we were escorted into a large room, where music was playing.  A gentleman called a number that was on our registration form, and a group of us followed a lady into an encounter room.  We were requested to take seats along the wall. 

We could view many in the center of this room, being ministered to.  As we sat waiting, a minister would approach, and not necessarily in order, would select a person that God was showing them.  My daughter was chosen and I waited as others were taken first. 

Soon a man in his mid 40’s came to me and invited me into the healing center of the room.  A second gentleman joined us, and I was told to wait for one more team member which was a young oriental girl. 
On my registration, I had listed three things I needed:  1. Healing for my deaf ears as the nerves were damaged from Bronchitis attacks.  2. Direction as I am leaving my traditional formal church, and 3. My hair is thinning. 

The gentleman, stated that they would be laying hands on me, and was I alright with that?  I said, "Absolutely."

The girl took my hand, and the men held their hands close but not touching my ears.  At that time, I can’t say I felt any change, but I did feel God’s touch.  They spoke life to my body and to my ears and hair.  I shared that my church asked me to stop all verbal witnessing and to write it out.  The Gentleman looked at me and said, “Sister you have a voice to speak and I proclaim a door of utterance to open for you.” 

As I considered this room, I thought three team members was wise, safe and beneficial to all who were being ministered to.  I thanked them for their ministry and hugged the girl.  I was told to find my way to the auditorium where seating had been arranged in circles.  My daughter was resting stretched out on some chairs, so I took a seat next to her. 

Sample Painting in the main room
As the music played, there were artists in the middle of the room, painting as they prayed.  Most of the art was in abstract form.  People were sitting here and there meditating about their experience in the healing room.

Along the wall was a short set of bleachers, and I could see several women writing on note pads.  Soon one of the women came to my daughter and set down a hand written prophesy or word of knowledge for her.  It assured her that she was not alone and that Jesus had been with her as a little child and loved her deeply. 
Judie was resting in the Lord, so I prayed and waited.  Soon I was visited by one of the ladies and given a chalk drawing of blue water coming from above into a pool where orange lilies were growing.  She read from the back of the art, “The season of refreshing waters is now straight from His throne, splashing into a pool of living water, Life, Life, Life; Growth, Growth, Growth.  The peace lily painted in orange represents His Peace, His Passion, His Presence for you.”

I thanked her and told her, “I receive that.”  I folded it up and put it into my purse. 

Another girl came up to me and handed me a drawing of a blond girl with hands raised, a crown on her head and a red heart on her dress.  She had written a prophetic word, “You are His Princess. Shining in dark places.  You make Him so happy every day!  You delight in Him and He in you.  There’s nothing more you can ever do. Cause he loves you!  You have a heart for his lost children.”  I thanked her and blessed her. 

I was still sitting and holding this piece of paper, when another lady came and sat on my right.  She said, “I see you already have one, But God is telling me to share this with you.”  She handed me a half sheet with a large apple she had drawn.  She asked my name, and I told her “Hazel.” She added my name to the prophetic word, and then read it to me, “You’ve been picked by the Master’s hand.  You bring the Father so much Joy and Sweetness, Hazel.”

I was so triple blessed to receive these three hand written drawings and the kind words that caused me to sense the Lord’s approval on my life.

Taken from the Church web site:

We at Bethel Church, exist to glorify Jesus Christ through physical healing ministry

The Healing Rooms is a ministry that is pursuing the Holy Spirit and His healing power. We are creating a place for Him to bring life, wholeness and love to those who are suffering from physical ailments. It is a place where passionate, joy-filled believers gather to host the presence of God and see Him bring complete restoration and healing.

All are welcome and there is no cost. Those who wish to make a tax-deductible donation to the Bethel Healing Rooms may do so at one of our offering boxes.

Due to the high demand for our ministry, our focus is not on emotional healing or spiritual deliverance. For these please contact Bethel's Transformation Center. We do not take prayer requests over email, but if you want to connect with a pastor to pray with you over the phone, click here. You may also receive Skype prayer from the Healing Rooms on Saturday mornings.

What your Saturday in the Healing Rooms will look like:

1.            Register in the South Lobby of Bethel Church between 9:00 and 10:30 AM on any Saturday.   Here you will meet a host who will escort your group through the following stages:

2.             Encountering the Healer - this is a group experience in the East/West Fellowship Room

3.             Worship and experience God's presence in the Encounter Room until your group is called

4.           Receive prayer from one of our teams in the Healing Room

5.           Attend the 30 minute "Walking in God's Best for Your Health" in the East/West Room

Jesus Laughs at the critics.
Some ask, "Is Bethel Church, Redding, California a danger to your spirituality?"
I can see Jesus laughing at some who doubt that He is the same yesterday, today and forever.
I realize that many “Traditional churches” do not agree with the ministry at Bethel Church and other ministries like them.  Their criticism is that Bethel is teaching false doctrine but I wonder if anyone is being saved, healed, and delivered at the critic’s non-believing churches.

When Jesus was on earth, he did many strange things such as mud on blind eyes, spitting on people, walking on water, multiplying bread and fish, and “Casting out demons.”  King David and Miriam danced madly before the Lord with Joy, and were criticized.    Many did not like the way Jesus preached.  Is it any wonder that a ministry today is attacked where people are saved, blessed, healed and released from bondage?
My Visit to Bethel Church was very beneficial to me and encouraging.  I do hope you are blessed by the following testimonies from some that have been healed by the power of Jesus at Bethel Church, Redding California.

Testimonies of Healing at Bethel Church Healing rooms. 
Click web site below.


Lux G. said...

Oh, so this is the continuation. I can see that the healing room is such an experience. Good for you. I wish I was there. Must be really something.

Have a wonderful weekend, Hazel!

FancyHorse said...

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog.

I am not a member of a church fellowship such as the one you describe, but I do not see anything unscriptural in your post. It sounds like a wonderful place, full of the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ.

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