Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Wedding in the Park

A Large Tree
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Although Robert and I worked for a growing church as associate Pastors, there came a time when our children needed us in the Bay area. 

We moved and settled in to help a budding Word of Faith church and often preached for them as a fill in.

Our mail often had the prefix Rev Robert Moon, as we were licensed with the Assemblies of God, and received books and magazines with the prefix Rev.

Our Postal lady who regularly took my orders for stamps asked me if my husband did weddings. 

She continued that her brother worked for the Park Department and he and his lady wanted to be married in the park under a giant tree that he had selected.

I told her I would ask my husband, and to have her brother call us so we could meet

A few days later they visited us at our home and we asked some simple questions.  I had requested them to bring their marriage license. 

As I scanned over the license it was apparent that they were already married by the Justice of the Peace. 

We asked, “What is going on?”  The gentleman explained that his wife was from Europe, and the license was a convenience for now. 

She wanted a big wedding in Europe for her family, and he wanted one here in California for his Park friends and family.

We could see no harm, and their plans were to have a roasted pig in the ground barbecue with all the trimmings.  It sounded like a lot of fun and a good experience for both of us.

Visiting the Bible Book Store, I selected a wedding certificate that had a place for witnesses to sign and also the Bride and Groom. 

Let’s make this official looking.
We did not know how many of the guests were privy to the couple being already married, and it wasn’t up to us to tell.  Even his sister seemed not to know.

On the morning of the wedding, chairs were set up under the beautiful tree, and a center aisle parted for the bride to enter. 

Soon the guests began to arrive, most in comfortable attire.  The bride was dressed in a pretty white dress with a simple veil.  The groom and his attendants wore jeans and a dark jacket that could be left in the car. 

After all this was a park with a lovely celebration to follow.

After the ceremony, I requested two of their friends to sign the card on the witness line.  The certificate was then given to the gentleman to keep with their important papers.

The couple planned to leave soon for Europe and the big Church wedding for her family.

The feast in the park,with the family and friends was enjoyed by all, and the Postal clerk and her brother were most gracious in their thanks and appreciation for us helping them with their second wedding.  

Robert and I both agreed that this was the most delightful and yet strangest wedding we had ever attended.

I am reminded that there will be a day soon coming, when the bridegroom will call his bride (the church) to the wedding feast of all time.. 
The invitations are out and the RSVP response is simple.  Just sign on the dotted line and accept the offer Jesus freely gives.



  1. Cool story. May we live this day remembering that one...

  2. Love the story Hazel...we'll meet at the BIG someday...what a celebration that will be.

  3. Really enjoyed this story! And I cannot wait for the Wedding Feast of the Lamb!!



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