Thursday, September 19, 2013

Red Hot Candies

Red Hots Candy
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Our Pot luck at church was over, and I sat with some of my friends enjoying a conversation. 

The young kids gathered near by and were having fun with some red hot candy. 

You may be familiar with these candies.  They are red, spiced with a lot of cinnamon and are a bit smaller than a pea. 
The kids were throwing them up in the air, one at a time and catching them in their mouth.

Suddenly my daughter Judie frantically came over to me and using hand signals alerted me to a real problem.  One of the candies was stuck in her throat and she was gasping for breath. 

There was no time to call for help, and it seemed it was up to me and God to change the situation. 

Thinking quickly, as I was seated, I stood and lifted one knee and turned her over that knee to an almost upside position, and gave her a good slap on the back while saying - -
“Come out in the name of Jesus.”

She coughed and up it came.  I think the children stopped the game for the rest of the afternoon !!

I was reminded of times when we choke on our words.  Hopefully the Holy Spirit will give us that slap on the back to watch it. 

It is difficult to retrieve words once they are released. 

May we ever be watchful and not do as I often do, speak and then repent.  :-)
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  1. The instinct of a mother is the hand of God... I loved Red Hots as a kid... but then I never choked on one either...

  2. Funny , but a strong witness for God. Bless your heart Hazel. God is good. He talks to us everywhere and every area of our lives:)

  3. I so remember those candies; I loved the taste, but not the hot! Oh gosh, I'm so guilty of speaking first, without thinking, then having to repent. You're in good company Dear Hazel!!

  4. O, so scary Hazel! But God helped you.


  5. Oh Hazel - how scary that must have been! And quick thinking on your part! Yes, I've said some *red hot* words in my life - words that should not have been spoken.

    May the Lord tame my tongue!



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