Thursday, September 5, 2013

I Love Church

Rick’s site :”Planned Pleasanthood” and his  Saturday Shortcuts  contains many posts of note, where he was kind to include my recent post on his list. 
While reading there I came across this article by ROBSHEP.COM  “Reasons why people are leaving the church.” which inspired my post for today.

Worship Freely
I was raised in a Pentecostal Church, The Assemblies of God.  
Years later my husband and I helped start a non-denominational Charismatic church.  Then my hubby got sick, and finds it difficult to be in crowds so he worships at home. 

I continued to attend a small non-denominational church until one day, the Pastor and I had a disagreement and he asked me to leave and not to come back.   Needless to say, I was hurt.

I decided to find a church with a short service and a fellowship time.  That is a good way to get acquainted with others sitting at tables sipping coffee and enjoying a cookie.

The church I found was so different than any I had even attended.  It was semi formal, lighting three candles each service, and celebrating Advent and other proceedings that were new to me.  The people welcomed me and their service had a time for persons to express  their JOYs. 

I began to share, my stories during this particular time in the service, and many told me how they enjoyed them.  
One of the council members called me aside and asked that I keep my stories shorter, and not so much preaching.  Also he asked that I limit my sharing to once a month.

That did set me back a bit, so I complained to my daughter, and she suggested that I start writing a blog.  My husband and I had just watched the movie, “Julia-Julia,” and that was my first introduction to a blog.

Another friend suggested two blog sites to help me select a place to begin posting.  Google seemed to be the easiest to work with, and perhaps a popular site, and I made my choice.

So it was in the early part of January 2010, I began posting my stories on the Inter-net.

My stories grew and as time passed, my daughter suggested that I write my memoirs.  Thus Book one was a collection of stories from age three to eighteen when I left home.

Book Two had too many stories, so I divided them into the early years and book three will contain the golden years.  Reading my books is almost like a visit to Church!

You may ask “What will you do with all those books?” 

They are an investment in those who will read them.  Each story has a spiritual truth and is a learning experience. 

One of these days, when my time comes; my family might have a giant “Book Give Away”

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  1. Hazel, it is because of folks like you who had the guts to not accept church as being something dead and ritualistic that I'm here today. People who took making disciples seriously, and wouldn't accept less than the best. We will get hurt by the "religious", but by the church? Not possible - we *are* the church.

    Bless you...

  2. I'm amazed at those in the church would say such to you but then again I guess I'm really not. But yeah for you for not allowing it to stifle your expression.

  3. Hazel - I'm so glad you started this blog. The world needs to hear your "voice" - your stories. God bless you and your writing. Church can be a tough thing; I've had many "interesting" experiences to say the least. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. I'm always fascinated by how our Father uses some tough spots to bring us to the place He's designed for us to begin with. You, your blog, and your books, have been a joy for me. Sharing lives and experiences that lift one another up is another of our gifts from our Father. Thanks for all you do, sister. You are a blessing!

  5. I think the blog is a brilliant idea! I remember being so sad when at my Grandmother's funeral one of her nurses told me of the wonderful stories Grandma told her. I had lived in a different country from Grandma, but she did write many letters to me. She had just never shared stories with me. I guess she *thought* I wouldn't be interested - but I would have been! A blog & some ebooks are some great resources that can even outlast you - if preserved properly - and can be read by those who will enjoy them, even if you don't think they would : )


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