Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pound Hound

Blue Tick Puppy
photo Ashley Ryan
Rescuing a puppy from the pound was not my cup of tea, but I was at work and my husband enjoyed scanning the want ads.

Sometime back, two different families at our church had a litter of black Labrador puppies. 
We were without a dog at the time, so we told our Pastor that we would take one of the females and chose one.  Before we went to get my puppy, Robert wanted to stop by the other home and check out the other families, puppies. 

Pick One (or Two)
courtesy Photobucket.com

They were all so cute and he selected a male definitely a mix and asked me if we should get two.  I told him NO because I had already promised to take one from our Pastor’s bountiful supply.

We wrapped up the male and placed him in a cardboard box in the back of our van and off we went to Pastor’s house. 

They were waiting for us and had given our puppy a bath and she was dressed with a red ribbon around her neck.  All the way home I held her close and told Robert that her name was Sister and we would call her Sissie.

Our two black puppies loved each other and they chewed up everything they could get their little sharp teeth into.  Hoses, wood, toys and what have you were their target.

Time went by and several months passed; and now back to my Pound Hound story. 

The time was when I was still working, and one day I arrived home to find the cutest little Blue Tick Hound Puppy waiting for me.  Robert said, he had made a trip to Gridley to rescue this puppy from going to the pound.

The story was that two female Blue Tick hounds had both given birth to 13 puppies each for a total of 26 growing and hungry pups.  The owners had commissioned the soft hearted neighbor lady to find homes for the puppies, anyway she could because they were not in a position at this time to deal with so many puppies. 
The neighbor was waiting for Robert and she told him she had just made a BIG pot of rice and fed all the puppies. 

Yes that critter’s little tummy was full indeed.

Robert looked at me sheepishly and told me, “The lady said, If your wife doesn’t want the puppy, then just bring him back and put him over the fence.”

There was no rock to hide under, and I could only say, “Yes, we will keep him because he is so cute.” 
That is the story how Blue Tick Hound Toby came to live with us and he adopted Sister as him mother.  He would crawl into her box at night until he got too big and she made him get into his own box.

The moral of this story, is when you husband brings home a puppy, and you can see love in his eyes, it is best to agree that you also love this pup, just because.


Floyd said...

Great story. Years back when the older girls was still home they brought a puppy home with the promises of taking care of them and cleaning up after them... Guess who cleans up after them now? Lola got added along the way... I guess they're part of the family... because sometimes they aggravate me just like the kids!

Cheryl said...

I love your sweet stories and the respectful way you view your husband and life. You are a true blessing to me! Once my husband and I went to visit my aunt and uncle and ended up coming home with two chow puppies! They looked like little bears, and we loved them with all our heart. We, eventually, had to adopt them out to other families due to our living arrangements, but I will always remember the joy they brought to our lives at the time. Love to you, dear friend, Cheryl

Joy said...

So sweet:) you are both very kind.