Saturday, November 9, 2013

Don’t Marry Her !!

Wedding Plans
How do you tell a young happy couple that they should NOT marry?

We said nothing and were too embarrassed to say what we knew in our hearts. 

“Mind your own business,” some would say, and that is what we did.

Our friends from the prayer room and Robert and I were asked to come to Patsy’s apartment and bless her daughter and the young graduating student from the Bible College that we all attended.

Immediately as we entered the apartment, I knew something was wrong.  Seriously in the wrong! 

I had met Patsy’s lovely daughter when she graduated with the previous class.  Moving in with her mother who attended the year we were enrolled gave the daughter the attention of many young eligible bachelors. 
The mother selected a quiet young man and invited him to dinner and he and the daughter began a friendship

Robert and I were not aware of who the groom was to be.  Our friends seemed surprised.

We prayed a makeshift prayer for them to have wisdom and excused ourselves to leave.

Out in front, our prayer room friends asked me what the Lord had told me.  I said, “This marriage will end in disaster and I wish I was brave enough to tell them so.”

Two years went by and we decided to attend “Camp Meeting” in Tulsa.  There we saw the young lady in question with a short pudgy older man who was carrying a large Bible. 

She waved to us, and later we heard only the insignificant details.  She had gone to work for this gentleman, decided her marriage to the young boy was a mistake and now these two were married.

I could only lamely say congratulations, but my heart ached for the hurt young man whose life was so brutally messed up

Could the first marriage have been prevented? 
Probably not, because what young couple want to listen to anyone telling them what they do NOT want to hear.

After that, God has not been so liberal with giving me revelation knowledge, and lately he only gives me “Need to know” information. 
Perhaps it is better that way.


Terra said...

How sad the marriage ended so quickly but I doubt your advice would have been heeded or appreciated.

Floyd said...

Wow. That is something to ponder. I too find myself just keeping my mouth shut these days. People never seem to listen anyway, but I hadn't thought of the responsibility before our Father. You have me thinking, Hazel.

Ferree Bowman Hardy said...

You've got me thinking, too, over a similar situation.

Jerralea said...

It would be rare indeed if the couple would have listened to your warning. However, the Holy Spirit might have been telling them the same thing!