Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dog Heaven for Buck

Black Lab
courtesy Photobucket.com
How our two black Labs managed to get out our gate is still a mystery.  However they were gone and although we drove some of our back roads they were not to be seen.

That evening we received a phone call from a man who lives on the corner of Mt Ida and Minors ranch Rd.  A Truck had hit one of our dogs and ran over him.  The man heard the accident and went to investigate.  
It was old Buck.  Our Luke was so frightened and was hiding in the bushes.  The man took Bucks collar and Luke followed the man to his house where the man called us.

We had been out driving and searching earlier but in the wrong direction. 

Anyway, it was not a pretty sight,  We took Luke home and Robert returned with our Son-in-law Dennis, an old dog blanket, plastic gloves, two black large plastic bags, and although Buck was heavy they managed to wrap him and together they put him in the back of Robert's pick up truck.  Then Dennis took our truck to his home so Smoke and Luke would not know where Buck's body was. 

This morning I called the SPCA and they said for a small fee they will take care of Bucky.

Old Smokey continues to look everywhere for Buck.  Luke wants attention and the both of them are very upset.

Time will heal the hurt although we will all miss our old "Moon’s Sir Buckingham."


  1. I'm so sorry. Loosing a pet is hard. They are precious gifts from God.

    They can teach us so much about love, loyalty, forgiveness and grace.

  2. My dog got hit last year too. And It's heartbreaking! It's not just a dog -- especially those lovable labs. Prayers and blessings to your family

  3. I'm so sorry to hear your loss, Hazel. I know how much Buck meant to you and Robert. I'm praying for you guys...

  4. Oh, Hazel...this is just heartbreaking. I'm so sorry - both for your family, and for dear Smoke and Luke. I'm praying that you will all be comforted.

    I firmly believe that God has something very special in mind for these precious dogs that make our lives so joyous. I just have a feeling that somehow we'll see them again...

    Hugs to you.



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