Thursday, November 7, 2013

Divorce Yes or NO?

The Past is Gone !!
A friend of mine and her five children were not being properly cared for by her husband. 

Instead he was enjoying camping trips alone, and for family outings he drove his pickup truck where the five children had to ride in the back. 

My friend was working at a job out of her home and earning enough to pay the rent, but often she would come to my house to glean from my pantry for food.

When her husband did not come home for days, my friend realized he was being unfaithful to her and was having an affair. 

The day she discovered proof of his new girl friend - - she called me in tears, and asked what she should do.  I told her that he had broken their covenant and to apply for divorce and to request child support.  She did and when he was served with Child Support papers, that rascal quit his job and applied for disability. 

Time went on and she had more responsibilities with her "in home job" and was blessed with a better income. 
Eventually a younger fellow she met at the company group meetings was concerned about her, and wanted to make sure she was OK.  She told me, this kid keeps just keeps hanging around, but he does seem to care about me and my kids.  Finally he professed his love for her and later they were married. 

For her there was a happy ending, life with a new companion, one who is a loving husband, a great step dad and is accepted and loved by all her children.  The other dad? - Sad case.  His selfishness and immorality had cost him dearly.

Years passed and recently my husband and I saw him awhile back.  He seemed to realize the errors of his ways and expressed love and pride for his now grown children.

Oh to relive the past – but it is gone and the best any of us can do is live as we know we should, and walk with our Lord one day at a time.  


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Sheila at Longings End said...

It is so very unfortunate when we learn our lessons too late. Yet, when offered to God humbly, with seeking forgiveness, His mercy and grace trumps all. We may never again have what we lost and we may or may not have something better, but we will have a deeper, more truly loving relationship with our Maker...