Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Baby Judie Moon

Our youngest daughter Judie Moon Painter has two adopted children she contributes to monthly through one of the support a child organizations.  The children ask for information about her as a child so I will be collecting a group of stories about Judie that are not in my Rescue the Stories Book two.  This story is about her birth.

Baby with Ruddy complexion
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The year was 1955 and big brother Steve was four years old when a new baby was due to arrive at the Moon Household. 
Big sister Becky was two years old, and Steve said, “I hope this baby is another girl.  He was thinking of his little sister that she would then have a pal. 

Late one January night, the mother was having indications that new baby was soon to arrive. 
The two older children needed to be cared for while mother went to the hospital to get the new baby, so their Dad took them to their grandparent's home for a few days.

As a side thought, it was amazing that in this same hospital several months prior, a baby boy was born to another family.  Years later this boy was to become the husband of our new baby Judie Moon.  They never met until almost thirty years later in another town and at a distant location and eventually were married.

Anyway, the mother was having complications, and her legs and body were swollen from album poisoning.  It affected the baby also and her little face was so ruddy and swollen and her shut eyes make her look like a Chinese baby.  Her jet black hair added to the Asian look, but the parents knew the baby was theirs.  The mother knew the black hair would turn to blond, so she cut a snip from the back of the babies neck to keep in her baby book.

Soon after the delivery, the nurse held the baby up for the parents to view and the baby was yelling loudly.  I think she must have been saying, “I want my mama.”

The doctor stated for the baby to have formula and not the mother’s milk.  He said because of the poison in the mother’s system, her milk would poison the child, so that was that.

A few days later, Baby Judie was welcomed by her new brother and sister, and when Steve heard she was a girl, he said, “Just what we wanted.”

Yes babies should always be wanted.  Many times a lady is surprised to discover she is pregnant.  That is what happened when the mother and dad realized that Steve was on the way to become a member of the family. 
The surprise turned into acceptance and then into anticipation in preparing for the new child.  When Steve arrived, the dad said, “We should have at least six of these” as he referred to their first baby. 

Each child is a gift from God and will have their own place in God’s plan. 

Judie was wanted and loved and from the very first was a happy child and always singing and joyful.

She was and still is a blessing to all she comes in contact with.


  1. Vicki K wrote on Face Book: "Such a sweet story"

  2. This made me smile and rejoice. I truly understood. Thank you so much for sharing so beautifully and lovingly.

  3. Great story! Each one is significant. Each soul has purpose! Thanks for sharing one of yours with us!

  4. What a great story and also a great idea and gift to our children to document their birth story. Blessings and Merry Christmas, Hazel!

  5. Great story Hazel...how sweet for your family to have your stories written down for grandchildren, great and even great great grandchildren to read.


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