Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Messenger 2

Painting "The Messenger"
When I was much younger I felt compelled to pass out tracts and also to be sure that every one that came to my door left with some sort of Christian magazine that contained the Gospel message.  I still believe in the power of the printed page.

It was later that I understood that I was more driven than being obedient.  I know that tracts have their place, as those who receive them have been blessed, but also I have seen many tracts tossed aside.  God has many ways we can share the gospel.
All the years that I worked in the employ of others, I allowed my life to preach and not tracts.  On my desk I did have a flip over calendar that had a Scripture verse and a short devotion on it for each day.  It was usual for my co-workers to visit my desk to see what the, “Word” was for today.  The opportunities came one on one as God directed.  In fact at my work place there were several miracles that occurred as God did the work.
Time passed on, and I retired, and began to write a blog.  Many of my stories are recorded there.  Sharing on Sunday a summary of the Pastors Sermon, and late Monday evening I post one of my true stories and invite others to enter their True Story on my blog Hop, “Tell Me a Story.”

I said all that to say this - - - A few days ago, at my home, several large boxes arrived, filled with my books “Rescue the Stories Book One” Book Two and  Book Three with short stories of adventures in life. .  Most have a lesson learned from life woven in. 

Some of my friends tell me they use my books as a devotional and read one story each morning (or evening).

These books will say more than most tracts will be able to say.  For this reason I encourage each person who purchases my book, to find someone to read to.  I am anxious to hear reports on what the anointed word will do even in a story.

My telephone rang and it was from my friend who began to read my book I had given her as a gift.  She was very excited and reported that she had read 4 stories to her co-worker during their lunch break.  She did not understand why she felt so calm and peaceful and her words were “I felt soothed.” 

I shared with Robert about her phone call, and he remarked, “That was an expensive tract, but I am sure it will bless her.” 

If you hesitate to share Jesus with others, may I suggest that you order a copy of my book and begin to read to someone the stories found inside.

They will get the message and you will be the messenger!

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