Thursday, June 12, 2014

Afraid - You Becha 2

Are you bound and locked up by FEAR ?
Change Your Thinking !!

Change Your Thinking
Afraid, yes, many of the Old Testament Prophets were afraid to step out and proclaim the messages God had giving them to announce. 

Gideon was terrified to accept the challenge of God’s call, and his feeble excuse was that he was the least in his father’s household. 

Samuel when seeking to anoint a new king, passed over all the handsome young sons of Jessie, before finally asking is there anyone else?  The youngest and least of all was David only a shepherd boy, but he was the one chosen by God to be the king.  David did not consider himself small or weak, because he knew he could depend on God for his strength.

King David took control of his thought life.  If he thought he was weak, he would say to himself, “Let the weak say I am strong.”

Our thoughts may at times tell us that we are not talented, not smart enough, or creative enough. 
The strange thing is - - that God calls those who are not able in their own strength to do his work.  He expects you and me to lean on him and follow what he tells us to do.  We each have a part in God’s big plan and as we step up to do our part, we then are so busy we cannot dwell on those negative thoughts that once plagued us.  J

We often are guilty of putting ourselves down with “Poor me, not good enough thinking,” and we forget how special we are to God.  

Perhaps it is time for us to change our thinking, to change our words, our attitude and change our life.  I have been told that we cannot think on two different things both at the same time.  (And it is true)

So when I am in a funky mood, I have learned to sing, to praise, and change the channel (of my thoughts).  This helps me, and hope it helps others too.

Some experiences in life are not to be shared, and God will show us what those incidents are.  When I have something so secret that I really prefer no one else to know - - I share it with Jesus and He never condemns or laughs at me. 

He may smile, but that is alright. too, after all he is proud of me regardless of my faults, because I am His child.


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  1. Great thoughts, Hazel. It's all about perspective. The one where we see us as our Father does drives out fear for sure. Thanks for the reminder.


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