Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Anointing with Oil

Anointing With Oil
Many years ago, when the service station attendant would assist you and pump your gas, there was a certain station near our church where I usually filled up my tank.

Each time I visited the station, I handed the grey haired man with glasses a chick tract and he seemed to look forward to the next one.  One day he told me that he and his wife were going to visit our church.

The day arrived and as the invitation to receive Jesus was given they both walked to the front to experience being born again.
They were both faithful to Jesus and to the church, and he became the volunteer gardener cutting the grass each week at the church and playing his guitar for the services.

One Sunday at prayer request time, he stated that he wanted prayer to stop smoking cigarettes.  He had tried many times on his own but was deeply entrenched in the habit.

What happened next was something that I had never seen before nor have seen since.

Pastor read the scripture that says to anoint the sick with oil and they shall be healed.  Then he read where Jesus put mud on a blind mans eyes and his eyes were made whole.

Then Pastor walked down the aisle where our friend stood and commanded him to stick out his tongue.  The man did so, and Pastor with his finger dipped in olive oil, quickly swiped across the man's tongue and pronounced, "Be clean from your habit of tobacco" - - and just as fast Pastor returned to the platform.

From that day forward our friend was free from tobacco and never again had even a desire for a cigarette.

I have seen God perform miracles many times, but this was the most amazing demonstration of breaking a habit that I have ever witnessed.  Our Pastor was willing to be a Fool for Jesus.

I was reminded in the Bible there were many STRANGE THINGS that happened: “voices from heaven, bright lights, dead raised up, meals multiplied, water became solid enough to walk on, prison doors opened and many other wonderful signs and wonders.”

Perhaps we should all take note and be willing to become a fool for Christ’s sake.

I might add that as we have our intimate time with our Lord and listen closely to what the Holy Spirit is instructing, we will be glad we did not hold our peace.

May we be bold and follow instructions from God is the bottom line. 
Taking off and flying free on our own will lead to a crash landing, so listen up –“Ya all hear now.”



  1. What a miracle! Yes, faith and obedience is what it takes for God to move.
    Thanks for sharing Hazel:)

  2. Great story and lesson. The wise of this world are blinded to the things of God, the One that made and sustains it and us. Good for you and your obedience, it's a blessing to be used in such a way. Thanks for the reminder, Hazel.

  3. What a great testimony and reminder that God can astound us and those around us if we're willing to be fools for Him. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Hazel. I love your reminder to be a fool for Christ!

  4. I enjoyed this story of salvation and healing from smoking. Thank you, Hazel. I don't think I have ever stopped by your blog as far as I know. I have seen you in the comments of many blogs that I have visited, so it seems that I 'know' you.

  5. Coming over today from UNITE. This is such a powerful statement to obedience and the Power of The Holy Spirit's witness. Thank you Hazel.


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