Sunday, June 22, 2014

All in the Family

All In the Family

Pastor Jerry was reading from Genesis 21:8-21  The story of God’s promise to Abraham to have an heir, and Sarah deciding to help God by offering her maid to her husband.  The result was a male child who later became a source of bitterness and jealousy to Sarah.

The fulfilled promise of a child to Abraham came late in life and the impossible happened.  Sarah was beyond the age of child bearing, yet she became the mother of Isaac.

Sarah could not hold her resentment and hostility toward the son of the maid and requested Abraham to send them away.  He did as she asked, and the mother and child were driven out into the desert. 

Tired and hungry the servant woman wept but an angel appeared showing her food and water, and provided a promise that God would also make of her son a great nation. 
Later in life Ishmael had 12 sons who became chieftains and rulers in the Arab nation.

In many neighborhoods and cities there is a multi-culture of mixed races and religions. As people move from place to place the world becomes smaller.  Naturalism and protecting one’s culture, language and religion are evident.

How do we respond to this racial and cultural mix?

The covenant between God and Abraham incorporated that he move toward Cannon where he was to claim the promised land that would become Israel.

The Jewish religion came through Abraham’s descendants, and Islam from the Arabs, and Christianity all three state; "The Lord God is One God."

What has all this to do with us?  There is never always smooth sailing through life.  Many times there are broken dreams, promises, jealousy and even rage between friends and families.

We are filled with joy and hope, and then come bitterness and strife.

We like stories where the younger brother does well and succeeds.  Jacob, David, The prodigal son to name a few, and of course little brother Isaac.

The good news is to us all and God has methods to redeem and restore lives.  In the symbol of the cross, we find life.

Although we are all one human family – the fact is that unless we receive Jesus as our Lord, we are not Children of God. 

May we be reminded that Jesus said HE is the door and no man comes to the Father except through Jesus.  Jesus is the Way into heaven and He is the truth and the life.

May we all become "One" as we are a part of God’s Family through Jesus the Christ.



  1. One of the (many) ways that I can feel God at work is how He is helping my siblings and I handle the many issues involved in the settling of my father's affairs, and in the way we are taking care of our mom. We three are very different temperaments and personalities, but I believe that God is working a supernatural unity in our hearts as we are all working together in harmony.

    He is able to unite all things, and all people, under His banner. The One God is head of the Body of Christ - and it is a wonder to see it work!


    1. God is so amazing to help through times that are difficult. May you have smooth sailing ahead!

  2. I like it. A great summary of our world history really. And most importantly, the truth of our Savior. All else pales as it compares the works of following rules. As if humans could attain anything heavenly...


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