Friday, June 6, 2014

Squish Squish

Soft Squishy Foot Steps
The soft sand was like a huge wet sponge that sank into oblivion with each step.
These thoughts came to me as I walked across a section in our home, what we call our conversation area.

I had forgotten all about it, but my husband, Robert reminded me that several years ago, we had a broken pipe under our kitchen sink, and until we realized what was happening, our kitchen and conversation area was flooded with several inches of water.

The insurance company sent out a restoration man with huge fans that were supposed to dry up the wood under the carpet that was pulled back in certain regions.  Then after a day or two the repair person said we were fine.  That all happened a number of years ago!

Recently as I step from the kitchen through the conversation area, I feel a squish squish and it was like stepping on a wet sponge.

Robert says, “It looks like we are in for some major replacement of floors soon.”

As I though about this, it reminded me of little habits and sins that we allow to enter or even flood our lives, then we forget all about it until much later.

Later comes when we do not expect it, and those things we thought were swept under the rug come out to haunt us.

However I am thankful for the Forgiveness of God, and that he will not bring up those things from the past.  We might remember, but he does not.

If something needs repairing – something that we put off and now decide it must be dealt with, it is time to do just that.

So dear readers, “May our steps always be planted on the solid rock and not on squishy sand.”



  1. Good analogy, Hazel. The lessons don't go away until they're learned!

  2. Oh yes, Hazel. I don't want to be walking on squishy sand. Sometimes we remember the past, but God doesn't. There's a song, "What sins are you talking about."

  3. Great post, Hazel! I'm thinking that hidden sins can really make us *warped* - don't you think? Not wanting anything squishy - relying on The Rock to firm me up!



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