Saturday, July 26, 2014

Broken Bones

A couple of days ago, our Boy Scout Grandson Max and his troop went on an excursion that turned out to be an unexpected digression from the anticipated good time.

A terrible accident occurred and Max broke his femur bone in his leg.  They rushed him to Children’s Hospital where x-rays were taken and surgery was scheduled. 

The Doctor was optimistic and said the surgery to place a pin to hold the bone in place, should take about an hour. 

Three hours later the anxious parents were informed that all went well and Max would soon be an expert with new crutches.   Max asked for something to eat which was a good sign and his parents were relieved.
~ ~ ~
Many years ago, our foster daughter’s brother, did not fare so well with a similar break.  When his broken leg healed, he was left with one leg shorter than the other. 

Let me tell you what God did for Richard.  When we lived in Oakland, there were times when “Healing Evangelists” would come to hold meetings. 

Oral Roberts, Kathryn Kuhlman, Benny Hinn to name a few, but I believe this was a “Morris Cerullo” meeting and miracles were happening without the evangelist even touching the people. 

There was a pray line and Richard requested a prayer card and found a place in line.  Upon receiving prayer, Richard felt a warm feeling going through his leg and the next day he visited his doctor where x-rays were taken.

The doctor could not explain why there was new bone filling in a two inch space and Richard’s legs were now both the same length.

I believe we are going to see more real miracles – some big and some small. 

Not necessarily from large meetings with big name evangelists but by God using people from the pews.

Yes, Christian laymen who are willing to believe not just for broken bones, but for God to mend broken lives as well.



  1. How cool! I agree with you, Hazel. You can almost feel it.

  2. This is wonderful, Hazel. I am so thankful to hear someone else believe that we can still expect to see these things in these last days of time. SO sorry your dear grandson was injured, but glory be to God for bringing him through and allowing things to not be any worse. I trust all will go well with his recovery process. God bless you!

  3. Max's mother reports that already his leg is healing very quickly and she knows it is God doing the healing because of prayers.

  4. Awesome story -- well, not the part where Max broke his leg. I believe in miracles and agree with you that God can (and will!) perform miracles today. ~Pamela

  5. I sure remember the names of the healers. In fact, when I lived in Redwood City, I was at a time when Morris Cerullo was one of the newest. I also was in the OK area when Oral Roberts and other situations connected with him. I received some exceptionally body, soul, and spirit healing over the years. I'm very grateful for the Lord reaching through and around and about for us. YES, I'm grateful when healing takes place for me, and for others and others and others. A good reminder, since so many don't agree with it as a true aspect of our lives with the Lord. The world is changing.

  6. Billy Graham once said that if you want to change someone's life, tell a story - and it's stories like these that change lives - and see healing is real - for you and me! Thank you Hazel for sharing your stories!


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