Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Should I take that Aspirin?

Is it lack of Faith to Take this Aspirin?

This happened many years ago, and all morning I had been throwing up because  the flu had hit me hard, my head hurt and I ached all over. 

As I lay in my bed contemplating if I should take an aspirin, the telephone rang.

Reaching over to the bed table I retrieved the phone and a voice of  one of the boys from church said, “How are you doen?”

My reply was, “Not so good, this flu is beating me up.”

His sweet voice, said, “Well just resist it in Jesus Name.”

My answer was, “I am resisting it, but I am resting in bed while I resist.”

Then I got up, took an aspirin, some vitamins and prayed that it would help bring relief.

I do believe in resisting evil, and also praying, but usually resisting must be done before the thing jumps on you and gets a hold. 

There are times when you simply take the medicine and pray that it will help.

We don’t drink wine here at our house, but Paul once said, “Take a little wine for your stomach.”  The wine was used like a medicine.

A merry heart is like medicine and also God’s medicine is his Word.  It is bread and living water to our soul.

We can fill our mind and our mouth with his spoken word and we will not need to lie in that bed as long as some do.

When Jesus came into a sick room, he took the person by the hand and they arose and got something to eat.

May we feast on the Word of God and take up our bed and walk.




  1. Hi, Hazel. I agree with you. If we have the option and it appears God is not going to miraculously heal without the medicine, that doesn't mean we have lack of faith if we take some aspirin. I do believe God provides those things for our physical healing to start to take place. I also agree that some things are more harmful than beneficial to the body and we must be wise about what to put into our bodies. I love how you emphasized that the Word of God is also a wonderful healing agent for our souls!!
    Ann @ Christ in the Clouds

  2. Great words of wisdom, Ms. Hazel. I haven't stopped by in a while, but thought it was about time....glad I did!! HOPE you're having a great week!

  3. Love your attitude, sister. You call it like it is...

  4. Wise words spoken well....thank you for the inspiration Hazel. :-)

  5. Such a good point, Hazel! I'm chronically ill and have been since I was in preschool and I've come to the realization that one of the holiest things we can do is to take care of ourselves. I fight like crazy to be healthy and then sometimes, I just need to take the meds to help get it back under control. It I don't, then I'm really living in the flesh and letting that dictate my life rather than keeping my focus on God. Pushing ourselves past our limits health wise isn't God-honoring. Thanks so much for your thoughts- I've gotten responses like you did before and it is so hard since it makes me feel like a failure when I give in to treatment when that isn't the case at all!
    -S.L. Payne, uncommongrace.net

  6. Good thoughts, Hazel. And yes, I think that God has given us many tools to help us keep and restore good health. I think of people that battle depression or anxiety - and medicine can be a life-saver. There is no lack of faith when we utilize the resources that God puts out there for us.

    And, of course, prayer is the best medicine - as we do what we can, and then leave the rest in the hands of the Great Physician.


  7. Quite a few years ago, around the first days of school, all my boys came down with the great retching bug. One by one all five of them fell - in like 4 hour increments. That night I asked my husband to pray for me because I couldn't get it - they needed me. After he prayed for me, I offered to pray for him. He said, "Oh, I don't need that. God made my body to fight it off. I'll be fine." The next day, as his car drove down the drive way, I was in the yard. He opened the door, got out and retched into the bushes. I asked him, "Wish ya'd prayed about that now?" We still laugh about it today - but like you suggest - we both now knock it out early in prayer! Thanks for your story Hazel!

    1. I love that - catching it in prayer early - real early.


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