Saturday, July 12, 2014

Prophesying a Blessing

May God Bless This Child !
The baby Shower for my granddaughter, was a long traveling distance away and I had agreed to drive my daughter and my niece to the destination. 

The day before the shower, we drove part way and arrived at our hotel where reservations had been made. 
The next morning after a good nights rest and a leisurely hotel breakfast, we journeyed 50 more miles to the place where the party would take place.

In the back yard, women, young and old gathered in the shade of trees and under large umbrellas while soon, the invitation was given to partake of salads, chips and small sandwiches that were ready and waiting.

My pregnant granddaughter sat across from us chatting with another young lady who was also obviously pregnant.   In my spirit I knew that I must give the unborn child of my granddaughter a blessing. 

My thought was to not be obvious but it seemed impossible.  A third young lady joined the two and she also was pregnant.  The three women were in a small cluster and at once it occurred to me to bless them all.

God had given me the words for my granddaughter, “May this child learn to love Jesus at an early age; and may she mature and become a mighty woman of God.” 

As I viewed the second friend, I knew her child would be full of joy and be used of God.

Quickly I approached the three, and said, “I would like to bless your babies, and when you hear a blessing that is for someone else, you may also claim it for yourself. 
Then I touched my granddaughter’s protruding stomach and made my declaration,
“May this child learn to love Jesus at an early age; and may she mature and become a mighty woman of God.” 

Then I turned to the second woman and said, “Your child will love Jesus and be used of God and will be a person full of joy.”  For some reason she laughed and seemed to be sharing a secret with God.

At times making a proclamation or a declaration over someone, might seem to be a risk. 

What will people think?  Will I be received?  Is this what God is asking me to do?

Be sure the words are given to you by God and not just made up off the top of your head. 

The Apostle Paul said NOT to despise prophesy and rather to encourage and participate in the divine forecast. 

1 Corinthians_14:1  Follow after charity, and desire spiritual gifts, but rather that ye may  prophesy.



  1. "How wonderfully lovely Hazel what a blessing!" Vicki K

  2. I think that's awesome! Good for you for your obedience and not letting what others think interfere with God's calling. They will be blessed indeed!

  3. How beautiful and meaningful. I'm guessing it will be a treasured memory for your granddaughter and friend. ~Pamela

  4. Hazel, we are 'neighbors' this week at the Unite link up. This post made me smile--God also has given me a word about ministering to people through the prophetic and sometimes it takes a little extra 'oomph' to get me over the hum p of wondering if what I share is from the Lord or not. But that's not my concern, it's His :-)

  5. Your granddaughter and her friend will cherish that memory, Hazel! What a blessing you were to them that day. Congrats on the great-grandbaby. My parents have two great-grands and say that each generation just gets better!

  6. This made me smile, rejoice, grin... and be filled with joy. I don't usually end up in that situation, but do end up in others. AND, as someone who is laid on by the Lord to keep an eye on the prophetic situations taking place in our world, prepping for spiritual warfare, I'm not very non-focusing. To hear the Words that the Lord says to share, to pray, to spread around is a real blessing. AND YOU ARE BLESSED AND A BLESSER!!

  7. Hazel I know I am late in getting back to read the posts having had a very busy week but I am so glad I didn't miss this one. I can so relate to this having been on both sides of the blessings at various time. WE must be careful what we give and what we receive but in the giving and receiving there is so much blessing for us all.


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