Thursday, July 31, 2014


Each day from BookBub, I receive offers of Free E-books or books for 99 cents or a bit more. 

Since I am frugal, I opt for the free books and have not been disappointed for the most part. 
A recent book that really inspired me was “The Risk Factor by Kevin and Chad Dedmon.
I have other Inspirational books as well as Christian romance and Christian Detective Mysteries. 
BookBub allows you to select the type of books you enjoy. is a free membership that can be joined with your e-mail address at:
I don’t have a Kindle, but Amazon has a free application for your computer where you can store your books and access them at will.  I am satisfied with mine on my PC.
Amazon’s  Kindle Free App for your PC, also offers a Free Kindle App  for your smart phone
Then there is SMASHWORDS: E-Books to order and Read or  they help you publish your own book for free.  If you need extra help there is a charge.
Many free e-books are available at SMASHWORDS as it is a place for independent authors,  Here you can discover how to post your e-book on their site for FREE.  There is even a free manual how to format and get your book ready to submit.
My husband Robert on MoonsView has several of his books on Smashwords, most of his books are offered free and his others are available for a few cents.
One of Robert’s free books is “The Old Man and the Widow.”  A bankrupt older gentlemen, due to an uncaring wife, becomes despondent and almost homeless, but follow him as he is able to survive and become a success with a new love.
Book Tango is another place to publish your e-book free. 
Robert’s E-book at Book Tango “Billy Hill” is on Amazon
Hazel’s E-book at Book Tango “Rescue the Stories Book One” is also on Amazon
To secure a custom made book cover for your E-book, I use where an artist you select will design a lovely cover for you from $5 to $20 depending on the photo quality.  Fiverr will also create a cover for your hard back (or paper back) book for the same small fee.
So there you have some options we have used and are enjoying.
Happy reading and also if you are in the mood - - Happy Publishing to you!


  1. There's always another world to conquer! I had no idea...

  2. As usual, you have so much on your plate to teach and to share. I'm just not this good at it and am very much impressed with what/when/how you are breaking these pieces into the many who follow your info. Thanks much!


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