Saturday, July 5, 2014

It’s not Your Fault.


A recent post “Visiting Hours” by Rick Dawson  told of his father-in-law limping for several days.  Then his dad fell in the bathroom at the swimming pool, and although Rick tried, he was not able to catch him. 

The ER doctor said the limp was because his hip had a fracture that had not been previously noted at the last ER visit and the fall was NOT Rick’s fault. 

Rick's story reminded me of a time not too recent when I too felt guilty thinking I could have done more.

My mother smiles down from heaven, and I remember the blame I experienced when I took her to the mall with her walker that had four wheels.

She tired easily, so on the way back to the car I had her sit on the seat that went with the walker and began to push giving her a ride.

I forgot the handles engaged the break, and I must have pressed down, and up she went head over heels, and skinned her forehead good.

I took her to the ER and we sat for several hours.  Finally I decided to take her home and see if our neighbor who is a nurse was home.

Sweet Neighbor Nurse Debbie came over to our place and treated her with ointment, gauze and tape and when she left mother was in smiles.

Have you experienced guilt over something over which you had no control?  Most of us have at one time or another.

If only we could go back and change the past, we would do a lot of things differently than when we first encountered them, but we must live through it again when the memories haunt us.

I am so glad that God sent Jesus to take our punishment and our guilt and pain.  He does not remember those things that we are still sorry for and even yet may feel guilt at times.

As Rick would say, “I am not buying the tickets for a “Guilt Trip.”  I thought that was a good saying to remember.


  1. Like I just shared on Google +, I still won't buy tickets for a guilt trip - they're only good for a one-way trip to a place I've been before (and don't want to go back to). Christ came to lift that needless guilt - I'm grateful to let Him do just that. :-)

  2. And I like what you said, we know who is selling those tickets and we aren't buying.

  3. The caring and broken heart for the pain of our loved ones is the very heart of our Father that breaks for His creation that refuses Him. Your heart is good, Hazel. And I like that quote by Rick too, I'll have to remember it.

  4. Rick's post was so good. And I related so much as I entered into caring for my parents last year, and now my mom since my dad's passing in January. It's a difficult road, and guilt is ever ready to hop in the car!!

    But, God is faithful and gracious, and He relieves those unnecessary guilt trips, and helps us walk again on the Narrow Way.



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