Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Where is Your Home?

There was a time or two that my husband tried a new career because the roofing business is hard on your back, and hands not counting the danger of falling off a roof.

We had just purchased our first house, and needed some extra money, so we decided I would go back to work.  

Although we had been married several years, I have always looked young for my age.
The work agency told me to put on some make up to look older, as they sent me out to a Heating Company to apply for a switchboard operator job. 

My previous experience included handling the switchboard during lunch and relief time, so I was skilled and could also do clerical duties.

My interview went well, and the lady in charge asked me a strange question.

“Do you live at home?”

My thoughts were not along the same line of thinking as she was on that day – because I thought to myself, “Of course I live at home, where else would I live.  
So I said, “YES.”

After I was given the job I later realized the question was meant regarding a young single girl still living with her parents.
There are times we confuse the questions and answers and get everything wrong.

This happens when we listen to mystifying teaching or read a book that upsets our logic about Spiritual things. 
God has not changed, and we must search the Scriptures and study, not nit and pick.

God is desiring to move Supernaturally in our nation, our homes, our businesses and in our hearts, but we keep getting the question reversed and think it applies to someone else and not me.

Where do you live?  Where is your home?  Do you live in the Spirit, or do you walk after the flesh?

God calls not by gender, by age or by occupation, to do His work. 
Galatians 3:28  There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. 

God calls the unexpected, the unlearned, the simple and He is available to work with you while others think you are crazy as you begin to minister like Jesus did. 

All The Lord requires is a willing and obedient heart, and a listening ear to hear as He instructs.

So Do you Live at Home? 

It is time to "Make yourself at HOME" where ever He leads you!


  1. Yes, I live in God's presence everryday and I love His presence in my heart.
    Beautiful sharing Hazel:)

  2. "Make A Joyful Noise" has been included in our Sites To See #418. Be assured that we hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

  3. Interesting. Good sharing. God has used me in a LOT of different job situations, and ministry situations. I sometimes feel sorrowful, b/c I screw up or don't fit in well enough. However, usually a person or a situation is placed in the Word which would not have happened w/o someone like me. You truly are a blessing and being blessed.


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