Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What’s the Harm in a Little Bounce?

Bounces in Life can cause us to be off kilter !
The day our big Oak tree fell and hit our propane tank, we figured no real damage was done.  Of course the tree was in the drive way and our neighbor promised to find someone to haul off the good wood.

We realized our propane tank had been shoved a bit off kilter, but passed that thought aside when all seemed to be okay.

a few weeks later, we had no hot water!  The pilot light would turn off each time Robert relit it so we could enjoy a shower or wash clothes.  Then it would turn off again, and we could not understand why. 

We called our plumber friend, and he replaced parts that did not help.  He again replaced other parts, drained the tank and still the pilot light would not stay lit.

As a last resort, we had our friend order us a new hot water heater.

Guess what?  The same thing was happening, the pilot light would not stay on.

Then a few days later our propane heater for our house quit working. 

Propane tank
Finally after much consideration, our men decided the propane line must have been bounced and jiggled from the fallen tree, and there was a leak somewhere. 

The propane man said there was no leak at the tank, so our men began to dig holes in our yard trying to find the direction of the connections. 

It took two days digging.

As I write, a leak has been found and repaired, and our friend is working on our house heater to get it up and going.

Our dear son-in-law loaned us some space heaters and we are layered up with sweaters and are not suffering - - Just a bit anxious. 

In life there are problems that bounce us at times.  One thing we must always make sure is that our connection to Jesus Christ is not broken or leaking. 

Always keep that precious time alone with God.  Come with your Bible, in prayer and with praise.

Isaiah 26:3  Thou will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on Thee . . .




  1. A wonderful reminder! Let there be always a hot line between us and God:)
    Happy New Year Hazel:)

  2. There's no way to avoid life's bounces and setbacks… but it's all about perspective. I have to give you credit, Hazel. You roll pretty well with things. I still struggle with the bounces that seem to pop up constantly. About a month ago my wife left the sink running in the laundry room with the stopper in… for about three hours… I'm still fixing things from that massive flood.

    You're not alone! Thanks for the reminder about perspective, Hazel. I need them plenty!

    Happy New Year to you and yours. May God bless you abundantly this next year and all of them that follow!

  3. What an experience! So grateful we can count on Him! :) Visiting from Friendship Friday.

  4. I've known so much about things like this. My friends in northern MN, with the horrific winter and the lines breaking and the cost increasing has been a real challenge for them, especially last year when the cost increased and the weather issue increased. Hundreds of dollars a month beyond usual, and most of the people didn't have enough money. Anyhow, what you described fit right into what I've seen and heard for years. Thank you for sharing so clearly. Glad it got worked out. Bless you...


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