Thursday, June 25, 2015

Why do People turn to Drugs, Alcohol or Homosexuality?

Jesus is Calling - Let me Help You !
There are many reasons, but usually it is because the person feels unloved, rejected, and are seeking to find a way to fill the void of loss and are not feeling worthy. 

What is their background and were they raised in a father-less home?  Or did they live in a home where the dad was not often there? 

Their father was suffering from the same feelings of abandonment and because he never heard the words “I love you,” he was not able to give loving support to his own children.  This creates a vacuum in the spirit and it continues to the next generation.

People do not realize that God is that loving Father they so desperately need to know.

 Did their mother repeatedly down grade the earthly father in their presence and also tell the child they would not amount to anything? 

Background is important, because feeling so forsaken, the person seeks to discover another way to find their miracle escape.   

The accepting of drugs, alcohol or a first experience with homosexuality is usually by invitation which leads to addiction and bondage. 

We were all born sinners, but we were NOT born druggies, or alcoholics, or homosexuals.  The sin nature was seeking to fill that void of not being accepted.

What actually happens with that first drug, pill, smoke, shot, drink, or homosexual experience? 

Don’t become offended, because Truth hurts.  This is the True fact; An unclean spirit attaches itself to the person, and eventually brings with them, other unclean spirits.

We are to love the sinner and hate their sin.  We accept them as a person, but not their lifestyle.  When a Christian shows the sinner too much love, it is often taken as acceptance and the person thinks they are okay to stay where they are in their sin. 

Many times the person who is chained and in these kinds of traps, desires to be free and even can come into a salvation experience.  However this is only the first step into deliverance. 

There are various methods that some organizations use to set the captive free.  Casting out devils is one, To Confess and renounce the sin is another.  These bring some relief.

Dennis and his Wife Dr. Jen Clark have written several books on helping to “LIVE FREE,” and their method is simple and sure. 

I am attaching a simple guide the Clark’s use in their ministry, that should not offend the seeker, and is a wonderful final step in breaking emotional chains. 


  1. Any addiction is a cry for love. An emptiness that a person tries to fill with,
    Good take on this.

  2. Thank you for this lovely writing.
    God Bless


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