Thursday, June 11, 2015

Praying for Your City

A group from our church has been meeting each Wednesday morning to pray an hour over our city and the surrounding areas.   

Pastor gave me permission to prepare a “focus” for our praying.  Today’s “Focus is at the bottom of this page and is in Red. 

I wanted to do a search to see how others were praying for their city and found Ann Kramer, a mother of 5 and an intercessor.  Her post below is edited from one of her posts about praying for the nation. Copies are permitted, as long as they are not sold.

 Intercessors For A Righteous Nation
by Ann Kramer, Founder and President

The Lord has been moving upon our hearts as intercessors for the last several years to pray IDENTIFICATIONAL PRAYER (prayers of repentance) over our cities. This is a part of the PRIESTLY role of intercession.

This foundation is absolutely necessary for us to lay in order to see God move in our cities. 

Identificational prayers remove the barriers that hinder our cities from experiencing a Divine visitation, because God’s CHARACTER is holy, righteous, just and true. Therefore, He cannot look upon sin.  

However, His NATURE is love, mercy, forgiveness, compassion, etc. On one hand, his CHARACTER prevents Him from intervening, but His NATURE is always yearning to reach out. 

That is why He is looking for an intercessor to give Him an excuse to intervene. 

So, as we COVER and REMIT the sins of our cities, both past and present, God is free to intervene without compromising His holiness. What does it mean to REMIT sin?  

REMIT means to forgive, to surrender the right of punishment, to pardon, to restore, and to disregard an offense. 

What does it mean to COVER sin? Proverbs 10:12 says, “LOVE covers ALL transgressions.” True prayer is ALWAYS born out of LOVE.  

If we find ourselves focusing only upon the sin of our cities, with a desire to see God JUDGE them, we are NOT moving in the Spirit of Christ.  

The church was not created to execute GOD’S WRATH upon MANKIND. On the contrary, He has created His church to extend His MERCY and REDEMPTION to MANKIND, and to EXECUTE JUDGMENT upon the POWERS of DARKNESS that would  hold them in bondage.       (Excerpt from Ann Kramer’s Post)

Prayer Focus: for our City Prayer Walk

1. Repent for your sins and the sins of the people. Jesus said whose ever sins you remit they shall be remitted.

2. Ask God to forgive your sins and the sins of the people.

3. Request God to flood your spirit and the spirits of the people with the Light of His Salvation.

4. Request an outpouring of the Holy Spirit over this entire area flowing out to flood other cities and States.

5. Pray for blessings to be over all those you have prayed for including yourself.


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  1. Excellent post and prayer. You know I pray this prayer almost daily, have for a couple of years now. Revival is coming. I pray it will be without devastation.


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