Friday, June 5, 2015

His Banker Said No

 Montgomery Ward Store Demolished in 2003
Our friend Bob Hall worked at the Old Montgomery Ward Catalog store in Oakland, until he retired after 30 years. 
Bob was the manager of the floor where the girls used roller skates to find items for customers from the catalog department.  The items were placed into bins until the entire order was ready.  Then they were sent down a shoot to the basement where customers waited for their purchase.

Bob and his wife lived in a small apartment two short blocks from the store and each day he walked back and forth to work and home. 

As a young man, the owner of his apartment offered to sell him the apartment building and told him the other units would pay him rent and eventually the building would be his free and clear. 

Mr. Hall went to a "friend" at his bank and asked him if he thought this was a good deal.  The bank advisor told him, "No it was a poor investment," and not to buy it.

Mr. Hall respected the opinion of his banker friend so he passed on the purchase.

For the next 30 years he paid the new owner rent for his apartment; the total amount was much over the price of the building he had been offered.

I remember Bob telling my husband and me this story of an opportunity lost and how he wished he had not listened to his friend. 
He retired a foolish man, but he made a wise decision when he began to attend church and accepted Jesus as his Savior.  He was ready to ask God to help him purchase a house.  Through another true friend, he did purchase a nice home for him and his wife and they lived a happy life. 

Perhaps at times you have listened to the advice of your friends and later regretted your choices.

Possibly you have been influenced by the media, TV, movies, or Professors at school, and you have been trying to “Fit In,” with society and the new standards being so blatantly displayed everywhere.

Sin is sin, and today it plainly has an abundance of new names.

Jesus Breaks Every Chain
Repentance is an old time word, but it basically means to turn from the path you were following and take a new road.

Friends you consider good friends will tell you, “Come let us party and feel good, life is short so let’s live it up.” Your ‘good’ friends will lead you straight to Hell if you listen to them.

Jesus offers you His Salvation, and says, "Come onto me and I will give you everlasting life."

I must also say that no matter how ruined you think you life is, God is able to turn it around.  Our Heavenly Father holds out his arms to welcome you, if you will come to Him.

Say this sort prayer; “God have mercy on me a sinner, and I ask Jesus to come into my life and make me new.”

Begin to read your Bible and start with the New Testament. 
Find a good Bible Believing Church where the praise and worship thrills your soul, and attend it regularly.  Join in with their small groups and Bible studies and get involved.  
Last but not least –
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  1. Interesting story.... We just watched. "God's Not Dead" last night . One of the characters was an up-and-coming journalist who got knocked off her self-important rocker when her boyfriend heartlessly dumped her after she told him that she had cancer and might die. The things in which we place our trust and future DO matter. People will let us down - God never will!

  2. This poor man! What bad advice he listened to! We can't afford to follow after the opinions of others and need God to reveal His perfect will and plan to us. I am glad he got saved after he retired. Because this life is only temporary anyway, and if we leave it penniless, it isn't important, as long as we have Jesus and go to live with Him for eternity! God bless you, Hazel. :)

  3. When He broke into my life, my life increased in a good way. Sinfulness was extreme with me from when I was about 4 or 5 years old until after accepting Him when I was 20. Wasn't perfect for a few years after that... too much of the sinfulness was an extreme part of my life with many friends... and for about 40 years I've tried to focus on Him consistently. Thank you for sharing. Grabbed my attention and my heart. Bless you.


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