Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A prayer to turn YOUR life around - by Guest Laura Gagnon

Jesus I Need YOU !
How about a prayer to turn YOUR life around? 

Father God,
I want to be free and healed. I do not want bitter memories to prevent me from walking into a blessed future.

I surrender every lie, every bit of deception, every hurt and bad memory to You.  I surrender the shame, rejection, self-hatred, self-pity, the feelings of condemnation, guilt and blame that I have turned inwardly onto myself, as well as those thoughts and feelings of judgment that I have placed upon others.

I choose to forgive those that have hurt me (insert names where possible) and I ask that You forgive them too. Heal their areas of brokenness.

I receive by faith that You sent Your Son to die for my sins and that Jesus paid the price for my victory.

I thank You that as I have chosen to forgive others, I can receive Your forgiveness for my sins. I ask Your forgiveness for others in my family line that failed to acknowledge Your Lordship and receive the offer of salvation for their own life.

Lord, please cut off every generational sin. Please pull down every stronghold in my thinking that is based upon a false belief system, controlled by fear, insecurity or inferiority and held in place by the lies of the enemy.

I renounce every lie and every agreement that I have made with the enemy. I renounce all lying, deceiving spirits, all spirits of anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, jealousy, resentment and vengeance. I renounce all spirits of double mindedness and unbelief. I repent for entertaining the wrong ideas, assumptions and belief system. I renounce the seed of every lie that I have taken into my spirit.

Holy Spirit, please visit me with your salvation and healing to my mind and emotions. Lead me into the truth that will unravel the lies and set me free. Fill me with the fullness of Your Spirit, which is wholeness, healing, life, light and purity. Fill me with pure love that will wash away the pain and hurt.

Please transform my thoughts and belief system to form new, healthy thoughts that are void of pain, mistrust, anger, unforgiveness, insecurity and inferiority. May my responses demonstrate self-control, love, peace and joy. Thank you for the victory and for realigning my future to walk into the newness of what You have for me this day.

In Jesus' name, Amen. 


  1. Amen. Beautiful prayer. My prayer today. Thanks.

  2. What a wonderfully cleansing prayer! Thank you, my Friend! Cecilia E

  3. Just tweeted this Hazel. Lies, deception, bitterness & offense are the ties that bind us to our enemies. Bless you.

  4. This is very truthful re: His Words and His kindness...and how we can touch and keep the hearts others aiming to Him. Thank you.


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