Sunday, August 2, 2015

Enter Into His Presence


Today at Open Door Church our visiting minstrel and minister Chris Burns led us first in worship. He followed the choruses with words; Jesus promises to restore what was stolen, and we must tear down the walls of wrong attitude; Rebellion, stubbornness and a refusal to yield as this will prevent us from entering into God’s presence. 
Allow the Holy Spirit to do a deep clean, yes go through the second wash cycle.  May we not break off the weeds of sin, but allow God to pull out the roots so that it does not return. 

God dwells in the heavens where there is non stop worship and praise.  Real worship is revelation about how beautiful Jesus is.  Learn to be comfortable in His Presence.

David as a little boy was out on the sidelines tending the sheep.  He could have said, “My Dad must not love me to send me away from the family.”  That was not his attitude, instead he used his circumstances to sing praises to God and have God as his father.

God sees those on the back side of the desert.  We learn that He loves us regardless of how we were treated as children.  God knows your deepest secrets, and He forgives.  He has translated us into a new family.

King Saul was tormented at night by thoughts of depression, so he called for the boy David to play and sing bringing him peace.

I don’t care what lies the devil has told you, - some here now their souls have been starved.  God says, “You are special. I am proud of you and I chose to be your Dad.”  Tell God, “Daddy, I will be your son/daughter.”

Father God, heal the wounds of disappointment, and childhood neglect. 

Jesus is here to deliver from drugs, cigarettes, pornography and what ever you need.  You can be free today, for it is Jesus who sets us free.

The difference between presence and manifested presence is simple.  Moses returned from the mountain with his face shinning from being with God.  The word Presence has a meaning of Face.   The people were frightened and couldn’t stand to look at his face. 
The children of Israel had been slaves in Egypt, and knew nothing about worshiping the true God.  The first thing Moses was told to do was to set up the tabernacle and teach the people about God and his requirements.  Moses had been in the divine presence of God, returning with the commandments and the law. 

Revelation 5:10 tells us; He has made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.  Kings serve the people in the natural and Priests serve God in the Spiritual. The Old Testament was a shadow of what was to come.

In the Old Testament, only the Priests would carry the Ark, which represented the presence of God.  No one else could touch the ark/presence of God, or they would die.  Only a Priest could carry  the presence on their shoulders. 
The New Covenant gives us the honor and privilege to carry God’s presence with us daily.  The presence of God on you and in you makes you different from the world.  Live your faith at home, at work where ever you go.

Understand that the Presence of God includes the entire package for Spirit Soul and body; Salvation, deliverance for the mind and thoughts, and healing from sickness and oppression.

John the Baptist was accused of being possessed by a devil because he was so wild.  They asked him who he was.  Was he the Christ?  John replied; I am a voice crying in the wilderness, Repent for one comes after me whose shoes I am not worthy to unlatch. John had no church, no title, he was just a voice.  Religion wants to put everyone in a box.

People today are intrigued with the TV and movies about the supernatural, darkness, and death.

God’s Supernatural brings Life and Life more abundantly.  Let’s be real and seek reality.  God possessed people are more frightening than demon possessed people are.

Determine to be possessed by God and His Presence. 
Be a worshiper for God has everything you need because the Blood of Jesus covers every sin. 
Jesus gave His life so you can boldly enter the throne room of God’s Holy Presence. 


  1. I yearn to be in that kind of presence where in my face will glow because I've been in His presence. :D

  2. The Lord has me "live" in Revelation many times. Then I can see the past and the present and I can rejoice and rely upon the Lord to protect and keep me serving Him here and serving Him in Heaven. That's all that counts. He is IT!! Thanks.

  3. It's amazing. Sad really, how we tend to forget that we are the ones carrying God himself inside of us. Slaves to the flesh with the power that created the cosmos within us. Wow. That'll make a person really stop and think... then act. Thanks, Hazel.


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