Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Lost Wallet

Lost Wallet and My Uncles Mistake

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The word is; Mistakes.  My Uncle made a big mistake.

My Uncle who lived with us, was laughing as he told my mother of his marvelous find. 
He had found a wallet that had money in it.  He showed it to Mother and she could see that there was almost $200 there. 

My Uncle showing the found wallet to my mother was his big MISTAKE.

I was about 9 years old and taking this all in with my big eyes and wondering “What next!”

It was then that Mother noticed the picture on the driver’s license, and she exclaimed, “I know this fellow and he goes to our church.  You must give it to me and I shall return it at once.”

Now my Uncle’s happy face turned to ashen gray, as he realized he had told the wrong person of his fabulous discovery.

Mother made a telephone call and within 20 minutes or so, here came our friend to our house to retrieve his lost item. 

He offered my Uncle a reward but uncle refused as he mumbled that he was happy he was the one who found it and was glad to give it back to its owner. 

At least there were two happy persons that day; my mother and our friend with his wallet returned.

This friend of ours, had angels watching over him even in his carelessness to lose something so valuable.   My angel mother was there to give assistance also.

If you have lost anything, I pray that an honest someone will find it and return it to you.

The Bible tells us of lost things and then found.  Jesus said the good shepherd will search for a lost sheep until he finds it.  The Holy Spirit is still searching for the lost ones.

The worst thing to ever lose is your own soul. 
Make sure that doesn’t happen by receiving Jesus into your life today.

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  1. Hazel...wonderful story of God caring for us...wonderful story of the testemony your mother was to your uncle.

  2. Hazel
    Thank you for sharing. I can just imagine what an impression this must have made on a 9 year old. Bless your mom for her honesty.
    Hugs to you

  3. When I was a very little girl, I left my little-girl pocketbook in a dressing room. It had $7 in it. The person who found it wasn't so kind as your family; I never saw it, again. But I'm glad it happened b/c I've never forgotten and have always been inclined to return others' misplaced or lost items...

    Good message.

  4. Often the only way to learn the lessons of integrity is the wise and elders in our lives. Learning to do the right things isn't comfortable or easy.. Just right. And I agree the worst thing to misplace is the soul God gave us to make a choice in... The supernatural gift of free will is so underestimated...

  5. Great story! Not only did your mom do a wonderful deed, she provided a great lesson for you as a child. Our greatest lessons are in our deeds, not our words.

  6. Amen to that:) your mother is surely an angel. Still is:)

  7. Lovely story.
    Always tell the truth and there will be blessings overflowing.
    Dropping by from Playdates with God.

  8. Great mom, great example. And in her example, a humbling rebuke that probably spoke better to your uncle than thousands of words.

  9. I always love to hear your stories from childhood, Hazel. I don't think mine are nearly as interesting. This is a good one--a good lesson tied to it too. And how reassuring--that what is lost will be found.


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