Thursday, January 10, 2013

Honor Your Parents

Painting by Kostadin Dimtchev Kostov
How can I honor my parents when they are alcoholics, they quarrel, fight and spend money on themselves; money that should go for our food? 

This was a question put to me by a young girl as she sobbed out her heart.

She did not feel even one ounce of love and respect for either one of her parents, as they had never shown her their love or affection.  They yelled at her and at times would beat her when she said she was hungry and cold.

Finally they would leave her and head for the local bar to drown out their sad existence.

Since I had never experienced anything like this in my young life, I was at a loss as to how to answer her.

As I prayed, all I could think of was the scripture verse that says to Honor your parents as unto the Lord, and God will honor you with long life.

The young woman had been attending our Sunday school, and had given her heart to the Lord, so I told her this verse.

She sat for a long time, and finally said.  Perhaps I can see my parents in a different way if I try.  I will ask Jesus to help me do things for them as if I was serving Him.

Later she told me that she had gone home,  and instead of feeling sorry for herself, she washed the dirty dishes that were in the sink and swept the floor. 
Next she sorted some beans and put them in a kettle on the stove along with a small piece of bacon and a slice of onion.  Not much was in the pantry, or in the refrigerator, but she did have enough to make some corn-bread to go with the beans.

When her parents arrived home, they were reasonably sober and seemed pleased to find such a nice aroma coming from the kitchen.

Her mother came to her side and placed a hand on her shoulder, and mumbled the words, “Thank you.”  The girl told her mother, “I love you and wanted to do something for you.”

This was a start - - and the girl whispered a prayer - - “Thank you Jesus for showing me how to honor my parents - - when they probably didn’t deserve it.  Thank you for helping me to see them in a new light as I honor YOU.”

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The word is; HONOR   



  1. Well, I was like that girl, to a significant degree, and, in my jr hi age, I knew the Word and the Commandments ... but I did NOT have forgiveness and respect for my parents. It came to pass as I aged... really aged. Now I understand a lot. I never would have understood what she did and she was blessed to have someone like you who could bring her to a place where the fear and anger would reduce/leave. Feel a bit [a LOT] guilty that I didn't move forward sooner and better, but forgiveness has circulated us, so when I get to heaven we'll finally see each other and laugh and enjoy. The fact that my parents accepted the Lord, apart from each other and many years differently, THEY have just come to know each other since Mom died almost 2 years ago. That's neat. Forgiveness is a blessed good God-thing.


  2. Yes,
    it is like the pouring of hot coals on the enemy's head when you do something good to a person who spiritually may be an enemy. It begins to reverse a situation.

  3. What an awesome story, Hazel. Only God can change the heart that changes the actions. What a legacy you're creating, Hazel. What a wonderful heart. I'm always encouraged by it. Thanks.

  4. Oh, Hazel! You have had such an impact on other's souls. It is such an honor to know you, precious friend!

    Isn't it awesome that one Scripture. One little Word from our God, can change lives. I love it! What a wonderful testimony! Thank you for sharing it!

  5. Thank you for this. My husban has parents,were alcoholic, when he still lived at home. They stopped drinking when we were married ten years, but there are so many psychological wounds ...

    Great blog!


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