Friday, January 25, 2013

Chili’s for Lunch

Lunch Plate

It rained last night, but today was crisp, cool and a beautiful day. 

Our morning called for a trip to a near by city to do an oil change for one of my Mystery Shop companies.  My company had offered me a bonus of $10 plus reimbursement for the oil change so who could pass up an offer like that?

My husband mentioned that he though the auto place had “made me” as a mystery shopper because they offered us a free tire rotation while our vehicle was on the rack, and enjoy the coffee while you wait.  I told Robert, “No they treat everyone nice like that!”

Ever thought of becoming a Mystery Shopper?  Intelli-shop Company is a good place to begin. Check it out ---   If asked, tell them Hazel Moon referred you.

Since we were in the big city, our plans included a trip to Sam’s Club, to stock up on dog food and other items with prices too good to pass up. 

After all that work, now we were hungry. 

The night before I had searched through my wallet for a gift card for Chili’s that our daughter Nancy had given us several months prior.  We had already used the card for one lunch on another occasion, and knew that we would enjoy a lovely lunch today.
Chili's Logo
Yes, Chili’s was still offering their lunch special for $20 which included a choice of an appetizer and two lunch plates with a variety of choices.  There were several chicken dishes offered, but I knew Robert had his heart set on steak, so that is what we ordered.

The chips were fresh and crunchy, and the salsa was tangy with a bit of a bite.  Soon our server brought us each a plate with a delicious 6 oz steak, a large scoop of mashed red potatoes topped with cheese, crumbled bacon and chives, a slice of cheese bread, and a large serving of green - really green and fresh broccoli! 

Robert was able to finish his plate, but I requested a take home carton, because I knew this would be enough for me later that evening. 

When we arrived home, there was a report to do, and receipts and paper-work to scan for my Mystery Shop company.  After all this was my job and “work,” needing to be done to pay for our oil change. 

I gave the auto shop a thumbs up report as we were very pleased with the service and the way we were treated.

To end our day, our dogs suggested they sample some of the canned dog food we purchased today, which made them very happy.

Then I took our three dogs for a walk around our mobile.  As I arrived at the back fence, I could hear the most beautiful song as frogs joined in to worship God.   The rain must have brought them out to play, sing and praise the Lord!
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