Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Reading the Bible Through

Reading the Bible

It was the year 1976, my husband and I stood in a long line waiting to receive an arm full of books that would be required reading during our nine months at Rhema Bible College

Our first session in the auditorium as new students, the director gave us further instruction of requirements.

One very important task was to read the entire Bible through from cover to cover during the school term. 
At the end of nine months we would be asked the question, “Did you read the Bible through? And they expected an honest answer.

Reading the Bible through was not going to be a simple chore along with our regular studies and home work. 

For me, I needed a plan.  I counted the number of chapters in the Bible, then I counted the days up until the early part of May. 

Doing the math, I came up with 9 or 10 chapters a day.

My normal reading of the Bible was to daily read two chapters, so reading nine chapters each day would be a challenge.

To help me with a rhythm, each afternoon, I brought out my Living Bible on tape, and would play the tape while I read the King James Version to myself.  It worked for me and I was able to truthfully say I completed what was set before me.

When the assignment was done, I was spiritually and physically weary of running all that distance.  I happily returned to my two chapters a day.

It had been many years since that time, and I had never again read the Bible through from start to finish. 

Two years ago I decided as a New Years resolution to again read the three or four chapters in order to accomplish this achievement.  Yea, I did it and again the second year. 

Then I became tired.

A decision was made to take my time and read my Bible for content, and not for a set number of chapters in order to finish in one year.  I usually stay in the New Testament but I do love the Proverbs and the Psalms.

Yes, I daily read a portion of the Bible, regularly, at least two chapters, but there is not the pressure to read more in order to reach a set goal.

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  1. Hi there,

    Great to meet you Hazel,

    I am joining in from Winsome Wednesday. I understand about the plan for reading the Bible - I have read through it 3 times (I think). Other times I have started but got sidetracked.
    This year I don't - I have two Bible studies; memorizing and reading non-fiction books which keeps me reading.

    I would love if you would link to Wednesday's Word at my blog. I also do Sunday Stillness.
    Great meeting you.


  2. I readthe bible from cover to cover before, but with no time limits. Now, I still do so, but I do it with a purposeyo learn ftom each chapter. My devotional for each day and make it my prayer. Works for me and I am learning more and more of God"s love:)

  3. Hi Hazel. I also have sometimes felt the pressure to read it through in a year or whatever, but have learnt I absorb more in bite sized chunks. Great reminder to read it in whichever way.
    God bless and thank you for linking up lovely lady

  4. Good for you. I've read the Bible through completely twice too. I'm now on my third time through and I have to say, I get a huge blessing from it every time I do it. I'm not setting any records, but I'm getting through it. It's amazing to me how different things pop out at me each time. I'm with you too on the NT and Psalms and Proverbs... Big surprise that we like the same things huh? !!!

  5. I have read it through it twice in my early years of being a believer. Since then it's usually what the bible study I am in is reading. Or if I am ask to speak, that gets me deeper into the Word, with commentaries and other versions. Since I do not see myself good at memorization I am surprised when in a discussion how much is in there. In this time of my life I am enjoying the Word more for contents and insight to be able to help the missionaries we meet with. I do like the no pressure of not being on a schedule though. Great post Hazel...your words made me thirst to get into the Word. Blessings.

  6. I loved this post, Hazel. Thanks for the alert!

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  8. i love this Ms. Hazel - thank you. i love reading the Bible through and try to 2x a year. i love how new things pop into my mind and heart.

    thank you for the encouragement



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