Monday, January 28, 2013

The Most Popular Sermon

Sending God's Word - World Wide

It has been my custom for almost three years to take notes on Sunday’s Sermon and post a condensed message on my Internet Blog: “A Joyful Noise.”  Some find me by doing a Google search “Hazel Moon Blog spot.”

The sermon is available late Sunday evening and most of Monday.

Apparently many in Europe are doing either a Bing or a Google search because each week there are many viewers “world wide” who are reading my Pastor’s sermons.

A few will make a comment, saying they are blessed.  It is amazing how God’s Word will not return void.

Almost two years ago, our Pastor, preached a sermon entitled, “Little is Much When God is In It.”    This sermon has been the all time most popular post with a total of over 3100 views todate. 

Almost daily I receive two or three anonymous comments from many of the European countries about this sermon.  Viewers from Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, Poland, Japan, and United Kingdom often visit this sermon. 

Some European viewers are being referred by their friends and others are doing a search, and how they come to this particular sermon, I honestly can’t say.   I can only pray that they are reading it in its entirety, because if they are they will be viewing all about Jesus. 

Usually I do not publish anonymous comments, but for this two year old sermon, I often make an exception. 

The viewer’s certainly are hoping I will view their site and make a purchase, so I must not rule out their original motive.  Perhaps they are true seekers of God!  Because for some reason they are attracted to the Title: “Little is Much When God is In It.” 

Don’t we all want viewers for our site and if we are selling something – we also hope someone will buy. 

I pray these viewers will try Jesus, he is free.

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  1. Awesome post, Hazel. Yes. He is the only thing that is truly free and beyond. He is the key to freedom, true freedom. I never thought about all those people that I consider being a nuisance actually hearing the word of God. You do keep me thinking and my eyes and mind open. Thanks, Hazel.

  2. Making me think. In the midst of so much right now I can hardly maintain focus, and, yet, I know the Lord is expanding so many over and around the world through the sermons, posts, emails, sharings, etc. Touching hearts, planting seeds, encouraging. Counts so much.


  3. This is so remarkable, Hazel. And wonderful. I'm praying they take Him up on that free offer too. Wonderful.


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