Monday, January 14, 2013

Sturgeon Fishing with the Girls

It's Supposed to Look Like This

More than almost anything else, my friend Jean loved to fish. 

At vacation time, she would organize for her family a fishing trip either to a lake or river fishing resort.

Carquinez Straits
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During the year, Jean would invite groups from our church to join with her and her husband to go sturgeon fishing in the Carquinez Straits leaving from Martinez.  These trips were on Saturday when the men were off work.  I remember my husband’s cousin spending most of his time lying on a bunk due to being sea sick.  

Jean was an excellent fisherwoman, and she always caught her fish.  One time she invited the young married church group over for a sturgeon barbecue and I remember it being so good. 

Anytime someone mentioned fishing Jean was ready and raring to go.

Out of desperation to fish during the week, she decided to invite some of the ladies to join her for a girl’s day out fishing for sturgeon.  My neighbor cousin, Joann and I thought that would be fun, so we decided to go for it.  We packed a lunch, dressed warmly and were ready when Jean picked us up early that morning.

Joann and I were acting silly, laughing and having a good time.  We would sing to the fish and tell them to take our bait.  The boat captain was a professional fisherman and he did not take lightly to our jolly, rather loud time of fun.

As the day went on, all of a sudden I had a big bite on my line.  Jean came over to encourage me what to do next and it took some time fighting with my catch.  “Let the line out, now pull it in,” all good advice and after many minutes, I lifted my giant fish over the side. 

The captain came over with his tape measure and pronounced, “Not long enough,” as he promptly unhooked my fish and tossed it over the side.

I can still remember that hollow feeling when I realized he had rejected my catch.

In my heart I thought he was upset with us girls and that perhaps this was a chastisement for our loud banter back and forth.  Or maybe my fish truly was an inch short of the minimum.

Although cast down, I continued to fish but not whole heartedly.  I was ready to go home.
Oh how this reminds me of that day when God passes out the rewards.  He might say to some, sorry but you don't measure up enough – go over to this side with those who have wood, hay and stubble.

My desire is for him to say, "Just the right measure for you are a keeper – Enter into the joy of the Lord."

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  1. Great story! JoAnn loved fishing, I miss her and think about her often. Barbara C

  2. Looking forward to the day God's measuring tape finds me "just right." Awesome story!

  3. Isn't it peculiar that some people want to dictate how we should have fun and insist it be done their way... as if they're having any fun. Our Father gives us more freedom than that. We can do His work and serve Him while having fun and being ourselves... I'd say you're more of a fisherwoman of souls than that captain will ever be a fisherman.

    I love the title we share despite our weaknesses; Good and Faithful Servant...

  4. My husband would have loved this fishing trip. He lives to fish and is also a fantastic and dedicated fisher of men. Me not too excited about fishing for fish. Sounds like your friend was a very special and unusual lady.

  5. Good story. I would be OK on a fishing boat, but not fishing. As a young girl, I was on a row boat in the Puget Sound with an uncle. I would read a book and look around. That was my favorite way to hang in that way. Glad others got the fish, b/c I like to eat them. Just not a fishing/hunting person. But an eater.

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    1. Thanks Kavin, I am having a lot of views from Russia, Poland and Europe in general as well as the United States. Thank you for commenting,

  7. I love your stories! This one was a wonderful lesson for me to be diligent in my faith walk. Thank you!

  8. Hazel, I think I would like to go on a fishing trip with you :). Sounds like my kind of fun--singing to fishies. And nevermind that grumpy captain. I think our Captain is much more gracious. We throw the line out time and time again...


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