Monday, January 21, 2013

Warning – Time to Pray

As I was reading a post by one of my friends, about her children and ever being alert.  I thought about times when we receive a prayer alert from God and it is time to put a stop on what might happen, now or down the road in the future. 

A young girl made an off handed remark to her mother, “Mom, I will never smoke!”  Then the girl added, “But I might try it just once.”  Trying anything once can be the bait to catch your child or you in Satan’s trap.

I was reminded of a time when I was a young child.  Our entire family was in our car going someplace, and my dad lit up a cigarette.  It might have been the match, but as he took a deep drag and expelled the smoke, I asked him, “What brand of cigarette is that?”  He answered “Lucky Strike, and why do you ask?” 

I answered, “I just wondered, because it smelled so good.” 

I remember my mother turning her head and looking at me in the back seat, and then she looked at my dad as she said, “Bryce!”  I think she received a major prayer alert right then.

In my teen years, I did try smoking, maybe more than once.  We kids had found an open pack of cigarettes at the old school house in the mountains.  Smoking one then, and also later, as days went by, I realized that while all alone, a strong desire arose out from me, that I wanted and needed a cigarette. 

This was my own signal that cigarettes could control me if I would let them; so I made a determination at that time to never smoke again.

A major warning alert to me was a feeling and a knowing that I might become a captive slave to cigarettes if I continued in this practice..

Warning prayer alerts come in a variety of ways.

Often it is a dream, and we must understand that a dream can be a warning and now is the time to pray right then, asking God to prevent a tragedy. 

Other times it is a word spoken and we receive a clue to pray – and possibly intercede. 

Sometimes it is a foreboding feeling of danger or a fearful cast of worry - - again it is time to pray and perhaps NOT to pray exactly but SPEAK a command to the mountain to stop and be cast into the sea.

So next time you receive one of these prayer alerts, do not shrug it off as nothing. 

Pay attention to the Holy Spirits soft voice.

Understand that God is alerting you in advance, to surround your child, your friend, your loved one or even YOU with a prayer of protection, fortification, and deliverance.

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  1. "Prayer changes things" Vicki K

  2. God speaks to us in a myriad of ways. Sometimes I think it's because we've not listened to Him in other ways, but I agree, we need to be mindful and on guard. Satan is prowling around like a lion seeking to devour us and our children, but he has not authority over any of us who belong to our Father if we exercise our faith, strength, and trust in Him.

    I'll echo a statement I heard from my old pastor, "Seems the voice of the Lord often sounds a lot like my wife!"...

  3. If men would listen more to their wives it could save them a lot of trouble and money too. You have a wise pastor.

  4. Always a wise decision not to smoke, and to cut it off before becoming addicted.

  5. We all need to be reminded of that. Be alert and pray. Have anice week end Hazael.


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