Sunday, January 20, 2013

Grace in Action

Water into Wine
Today I am sharing as I gleaned from Pastor Jerry’s sermon while he read from John 2: 1-11 about the first miracle of Jesus; turning the water into wine.

Jesus, his disciples and his mother Mary were all invited to the Wedding at Cana of Galilee, when the host ran out of wine.  This was an embarrassing situation and Mary told Jesus, “They are out of wine.”

Evidence seems to show that her husband Joseph died leaving Mary the mother of Jesus a widow.  Jesus became the decision maker of the household and Mary looked to him for direction.  Mary knew the divine nature of Jesus and Mary expected Jesus to do something about this humiliating situation. 

To some it would seem that Jesus answered her gruffly but she knew him and told the servants to do what ever he instructed them to do. 

Without questioning, they filled the large water pots with water and took it to the master of the feast who after he tasted it declared, “Why was the best wine kept for the last?”  Jesus had turned the water into wine as the servants obeyed his command.

In our world we face many stressful situations, which include pending surgery, a death in the family, loss of income, wayward children and family members and friends struggling with addictions and other state of affairs.   
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Pastor mentioned a song that was popular awhile back with those fighting to break free from alcohol.  The singer was praying for God to help him turn the “Wine back Into The Water”

It is important for us to turn to Jesus when we have problems.

Pastor used an illustration of a lady cleaning her canary cage with her vacuum cleaner, and the phone rang.  Her hand slipped and inside the vacuum went her canary.  Quickly she opened the cleaner bag and rescued her bird, but as days went by she noticed that her bird no longer sang it's sweet song.  He only stared at her with a sort of accusing look.

We too might feel like we have been beaten down and sucked into the ash heap.  Yes, we might even accuse God for our troubles some of which may be our own doing. 

We may feel like we have lost our song, but if we would practice singing even when we do not feel like it, we will discover that joy will return into our heart.

Jesus is in the miracle business of transformation.  He turns worry into peace.  He turns the sinner into a Saint.  He begins with one and then to another.  He starts with you and then your neighbor.

The miracle work of Jesus is Amazing Grace in Action.

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  1. Our song is to Him. He will provide. He will supply. He will turn our wine into water... Nice, Hazel. Real life stories of our Savior and how He will deliver.

  2. Oh, Amen! Preach it sista! LOL...this is great, Hazel!

  3. "He" is our miracle! Vicki K


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