Friday, January 4, 2013

Hot Dog!!

Photo by Hazel
Being selective with my mystery shops means I tend to accept assignments only in my city.  This was the case when I needed to go into town anyway that I agreed to do a Gas Station with a convenience store.

I was to check for cleanliness, and for items priced and displayed correctly.  My assignment was to purchase either a small drink, or a hot dog, and I would be reimbursed for the item and paid $10 for the shop. 

My decision was to purchase a hot dog and take the condiments on the side, and perhaps give it to someone I might meet. 

Next I was to check the gas pumps and make sure that paper towels and a squeegee were available.  This was a good excuse to wash my windows while I was there.

As I was washing my windows a man approached me and asked me if I could give him some change.  I reached into my van and offered him the hot dog, but he declined. 

He was not really hungry was my guess.

Lastly I was to take two photos of the store with the gas pumps in view and the name of the store showing.  Oh yes, there was something new this time, and that was to have the manager sign that the items circled yes were all correct.

There were some errands that I needed to take care of, but along the way I could not find anyone who seemed hungry enough for a hot dog, so I took it home.

Arriving home, I used my scanner for the receipt, and the paper the manager had signed, and down-loaded my photos as I prepared my report.

By now you have probably guessed that these mystery shops are not going to make me rich, but the very activity is keeping me young.

And you might ask, “What happened to the hot dog?”   

My three dogs, said, “HOT DOG.”

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  1. Excellent topic i really appreciate this valuable information thanks

  2. Good for you. I so appreciate when anyone gets out to be productive. It is a service to our society. When we do whatever we do with the heart to serve God it brings Him and all of us honor... and a hotdog to the cool dogs...

    I love hotdogs...


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